Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tiger's Driving Me CRAZY!!!

Oh my goodness I am about to go berserk! Manti is upstairs and not very happy about it.

I have had a list going in my head about all the different things that I have had to encounter with this one. There is something that gets added just about every week these days. lol

Things Manti loves to do:

-SCREAM! Not just scream, but SCREEEAAAMMM as if he is going into some sort of shock. I seriously think that he has stress attacks which I am going to address with the doctor on Friday.

- Convulsions with jumping and completely freaking at bed time. (tonight I put him in the crib and I heard something clink on the floor and I though" what the crap just happened?" so I checked the floor not wanting to turn the lights on and create more of a ruckus and lo and behold there was a screw that was lying on the carpet! A FLIPP'IN SCREW!!! I honestly don't know what I am going to do with this child.

-Wants what he wants when he wants it. Yes I did get that with Eve, but it was a little different and also she is a girl and girls always have tantrums, but Manti is definitely gaining on her.

-Terrible twos at around 20 months. Eve got hers early at around a year and Jackson skipped then all together.

-Mr. Independent. He really has just about no fear climbing on EVERYTHING, at least Eve was older when she went on her riots.

-Climbing into ANY sink/tub fully clothed and turning on the HOT water and just sitting and running his fingers through it.

- Opening ANY door knob! Guess you figured that from the previous sentence. lol He has not gotten the dead bolt, but he is not tall enough and there is no way he can really move anything over there to climb...YET :(

-Soooo attached to the bottle. We had to nix it and get rid of it this weekend and it has NOT been fun! He has been a complete MONSTER!!! (that's what his 2nd birthday theme is in Nov., so fitting.

- Eating toilet paper. What's up with that?! We actually had to lock our bathrooms and hide toilet paper.

-Sucking on wipes. Ummm, yeah not so fun.

-Playing in bathrooms, for instance a big one is stuffing faves like tooth brushes in toilets. YUM

-Knowing exactly what we are saying and opting to express (with facial features) like he doesn't understand until we say something that he doesn't like....for instance " wanna go in your crib" to which the reply is always "NO" and then quickly does what he was originally asked to do. Ya, I think he is finally realizing that we are on to him;)

- Constant noise...whether it's crying, whining, laughing, giggling, talking, noise making in general to the point where we have to tell him to be more quiet..it literally gives me a head ache.

-King of faces. Feelings paired with expression. Jackson always had funny faces, but they where just silly, but Tiger is something else I'll tell you!

- He growles like a tiger (so fitting) always has even as an infant when we didn't get food to him on time.

-CURLY, CURLY hair :) Yes he got that from his papa! It's just funny that his hair is so light (that's from me)

-Gorgeous big root beer colored eyes. ~Jacksons are army green/brown so pretty in the sun, they sparkle a with green on the outside ring. Well Eve's are like mine..beautiful blue eyed girl (glad I could contribute. he,he)

Anyway I am sure there is more, but that is about what is on the top of my list right now. I find it so funny how different each of my children are especially as Manti is getting older and discovering who he is.


Light & Shadow said...

When sweet little Tiger is 20, you'll look back on this list fondly with a smile on your face and a bit of a tear in your eye.

But until then, just hold on for the ride!

Swangerlings said...

lol I am sure you are soooo right! Sometimes I don't know whether to be mad or laugh hysterically.

foreverfamily said...

writing it down or saying it aloud is a great way to be able to laugh about it. we'll see what our 2 little monsters get up to together. they are both 120% boy!!