Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Amber's Joined the Blogging World!

My sister has finally done it! HOORAY!!! I am so happy, now I will get to see pictures of her and the family even though they are in icky UTAH! LOL

Well that's about it! Now I am off to work for an all nighter.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Not so HOT!

I do not have any pictures to display at this time, but it has been quite a week. I have felt the itch to clean and clean and then clean a little more, maybe it is because the weather has been so nice lately. I have to remind myself that I can do only so much at one time and to not expect too much of myself and every time I do I stress myself out... and that's exactly what I did! I made myself take it a little easier yesterday before I went to work for 9 hours. I had a pretty good night until my last round and I had a table that I wish I could forget.....

I have to start by saying that people can be ridiculous and they must think I am stupid or something, or else they wouldn't have tried their little escapade.

These 2 couples came in and ordered alcohol and I asked for id from one of the ladies and she didn't have it, so I couldn't serve her alcohol. Her husband said well I have id. I told him I cannot serve her now that I have verbally asked for her id and I know she doesn't have it and it is against the law and we can be fined even though you say she's 28 years old it.

This couple happened to be from out of the country (Sweden) and she didn't even have her passport, which is illegal to be out in public without any form of id on your person anyway. The other couple was American and should've known that there are state laws that are cracking down on drunk drivers. Well the husband "happened" to order the same drink his wife was going to have at dinner, I knew exactly what he was trying to do, like no ones tried to pull that one! So the guys order LIT's and their dinner comes out and he asks for his beer and I told him he had to drink down his LIT. He was frustrated and I explained that I couldn't give it to him yet.

So I came out a couple minutes later to check on the food and again he asked for his beer and I said you can't have 2 alcoholic beverages in front of you at the same time according to WA ST. liquor laws and they are very strict and that his drink would have to be almost gone for me to get it for him. He was not all that happy about it. I waited a little while more and they would mention everything would be good if we got our beer.

I saw them flag down another server and asked her about the 2 drink rule and she agreed with all that I had told them, apparently they thought I was making it up. They were very rude to her so she was blunt and rude back to them.

I was very annoyed and I watched his drink and waited until it was 3/4 gone and then I told him I was getting it for him. So I bring it and they were polite to me. So I watched him drink it here and there and when I would go back and forth from the table they would laugh, so ridiculous! Then they complained about the beer because it had ice in it and I explained that it was a very frozen mug and as it warms the ice gathers and collects at the top of the beer. They said they'd had frozen beer mugs and it never did that and my reply was, ours are extremely chilled and thick glasses, but we will surely fix it for you and all I want is for you to be happy with everything. So I took it and the bartender dumped the top of the beer and added the more to it to get rid of the ice at the top. I brought it back and they said oh, this is much better and it's a frozen mug. I said yes, it's still frozen, but she dumped the top and added more to make it more room temperature.

They seemed good after this, until every time I went by they would laugh noisily making a scene and being embarrassing. I had a couple across the other side from them and they made noises and facial expressions that made it known that they thought these people were stupid, needless to say I felt really bad for them that they got stuck next to these people.

They last straw was me going up to the table and asking if they would like any desert and they cheered their mugs right in my face making sure that I saw the husband drinking the beer. I got mad and came back and told my manager, which had already been informed that she didn't have id. He saw how affected I was by this situation and how I felt they were compromising my job and the restaurant's liquor license. He decided to go out to the bar and watch them even though he was off the clock. He sat there for about 10 mins. and called me over and said he hadn't seen anything and I told him to go home, because I didn't expect him to stay only for me. As we were ending our conversation he bolt it to the table and I knew exactly what that meant. I went straight for the kitchen and wouldn't come out.

The lady bent down and drank the beer!!! How stupid is she? As she did this they all turned and looked at the manager and as he was walking to them. He grabbed the beer from her and told her how Sarah had already informed you that you could not drink without id and that it was illegal. The other lady there freaked out and interrupted him. It all went down hill from there and the husband asked if he could drink the beer and my manager said no because you knew the situation and you gave it to her and now your cut off too! It was quite a spectacle and the other lady was still yelling and going crazy. The people were forced to pay their bill and escorted out of the building. The other lady said you can keep holding the door because we're not coming back!

I don't understand why people act like this! LIKE WE WANT YOU BACK!! Of course there was no tip on $130.00, but the manager comped my tipshare so I was happy with that. I came out when they left and went to the table across from them as my manager was apologizing up and down for the scene and gave them a free bloom card. I heard the lady say, Oh! that poor server! I said I am so sorry and I was not going to come out until they left. They were so nice and tipped me generously which was nice, but it made me feel bad because I didn't expect them to tip me better because of the crazy table across from them that left me zero. It goes to show you how nice and caring some people are and how not others are too.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


and new word of the week, UH-OH!

I could not take the comments from Geoff anymore and so I did it. As I was buzzing and cutting a good couple inches we falling into the sink. I guess it was a little long, but to mine and his defense it was long ALL over....NOT A MULLET! I don't care what you say G. As I looked over this new boy of mine I quickly notice how much bigger his enormous cheeks are and the biggest of all this kid's head! 92Th percentile- NO KIDDING.

I think Jackson is trying to do daddy's " who has two thumbs and like to party? This guy! This guy right here!"

I am sorry! I will admit Jackson has been subjected to a lot of show tunes.

"We get our squenchy faces from our daddy".

Manti is trying to smile.

Now he's hogging the limelight.

Perfect Jackson face.

There are my silly guys.

This is a purse I got yesterday and it was love at first sight...." Oh, aah..that is really bold, should I do it, heck yes! I'm do'in it!" was about how it went. This thing can pack anything! You name it! It's Mary Poppins meets Madagascar.

Yes it is metallic and purely wipe able...gotta have.. as a mom on the go.

Oh, how I love the bolting and the funky zippers..let me count the ways. ha,ha

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Been A Busy Week

Happy Valentine's Day from my Geoff. I am a lucky girl!!

I walked outside and found a box on the front porch and I thought to myself..."huh, I wonder what this could be? ha,ha" Geoff picked red this time and 3 dozen! I am a special girl to receive such a gift. I have to admit sometimes I have told him not to buy me flowers and then I hear all the stories of others I know who never get anything from their spouses. It makes me really grateful he does it and he does it because he cares and not for the glory.

I am glad it is Sunday even though I had to teach Relief Society. I am relieved Vday is come and gone. Geoff and I snuck some family time and took the kids to lunch yesterday at Red Robin and used the kids meal cards from the Franson's Dental office they earned,( thank you!!). I had to work the headwait shift last night and wound up working just shy of 12 FULL hours and had 39 tables( about 8 hours serving). To say the least my brain was fried by the end of the night and I was a very tired girl. I am thankful for my job though and I was glad to do it. Overall I had a good night and all my tables were pretty happy so that made my night.

I had a lot to do the last couple weeks and found myself lost if I caught a free day without any appointments. I did have a special old friend Anna who came into town and I was able to catch a glimpse of her and her new hubby Stuart and cutie baby Cameron. Anna and I were appart of the foursome that used to hang out all the time when we were grow'in up. We have all gone through a lot together. I am so happy to say that we all still keep in touch and are still friends. It really bites that we all live in totally different places though( Anna being in Mass.), but it is fun to see how different each of our lives are turning out to be. When we get together it is still like old times. Miss Ya Sarah and Desire'e!!!! We thought of you.

We are Madagascar fans so we were excited when the 2nd one came out. Jackson has illistrated a picture for you.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Since we are coming up on the big "V" day I wanted to take a quick pic and tell my hubby how much I love him. We are going on 11 years this Spring and still going strong and I love him more than ever. I am so thankful to my Heavenly Father for sending me someone who is so special and is every bit of what I need. I am truly blessed for the life that I have.

I think you can tell I made him take this picture with me...c'mon smile "G"!

I have been tagged lately by a bunch of my friends lately who are moms on Facebook. The questionnaire is all about your firstborn and so I thought a picture was only fitting and I have to get them while I can. ha,ha

Jackson was jealous so he had to get in the picture too. He's such a momma's boy.

Eve had a play date with her friend Lily a little bit ago and I thought this was a fun picture. They were just twirling and twirling; Oh! to have that energy again.

Eve had a field trip on Tuesday for a play called Click Clack Moo, it was very cute. I was a chaperone and poor Lily and Eve were the only 2 girls in my group. Yeah, I don't think they really minded all too much cause I caught them flirting with all the boys more than once. LOL

It was such a beautiful day. No snow in sight! as apose to last week.

This is my favorite picture, so perfect.

Me and my boys, or known as the "twins".

Jackson looks like he's in pain. (he's really not- we don't beat our children)

So many kisses so little time.

I shall call him my squishy and he shall be mine.

I know what your thinking..what the???? random...
I put this up because we have had many instances of random blessing lately. For some time now we have wanted an extra fridge or freezer for the garage. I didn't want to spend the money for it because they are not cheap. Geoff's birthday is coming up next month and I was thinking about it on account of him liking meat so much..ha,ha. Our schedule is so different that it is hard for us to have normal family dinners so it is nice for Geoff to grab something from the freezer and throw it on the Forman. We have been starting to focus on food storage and for us that is. Freezer food is storage that is well manageable for us and rotateable. On with the story, I made a deal with Heavenly Father that I wouldn't spend frivilessly this year and only get things that were neccessities and few wants that were within our budget. As I thought about this deal and I concluded that I couldn't bring myself to justify spending $500.00 or so on a fridge. That much money should go to the credit card we're desperately trying to pay off. Well a about a week passed and Geoff's grandma called and asked us if we wanted her fridge that she had, that had been barely used, but was older. I of course said "yes" in a heart beat. She said she should've offered it to us last year, but didn't really think about it. As she told me this, I got a lump in my throat and a rush of humility. I say this because, it was like Heavenly Father told me.." Now Sarah, I told you I would be watching over you and you would get everything you needed if you put your faith in me." I know that we got this at this time because I decided NOT to purchase a new one with our hard earned money when we had debt to pay. Also, because of this pact I was ready to recieve such a blessing when last year it would've been nice, but I wouldn't have learned the spiritual lesson. Things like this have been happening for the last several months, but this was one of the most profound.

Live long and prosper.

Gangsa' style.

This is Jackson's KISS face. And no I don't listen to them, but Geoff probably does.

Such a sweet boy, I wonder what ever could he be hiding?

Jackson loves block and I'm convinced he will be some sort of an architect someday.

"I've got numchuck skills!"

Such a sad face.

Oh, nevermind that's even sadder.

He is my cuteness.

He loves to eat in his highchair, but he can only take so much of it.

This one is adorable I have to say.

Crazy kid.

We are still trying to figure out his expressions and what they really mean, I don't even think he knows.

How can you resist those flirtatous eyes?

huh, wait! I got somthin' in my tooth. lol

Manti still has 6 teeth, but has been teething this week so we'll see what happens.

More teeth, he's so proud.

This one is cute. He is EVERYWHERE nowadays, walking everywhere, practically running.

I think he really thinks he's a TIGER in this one. GGGRROOWWLLLL

This one cracks me up! He's standing like he's so cool and mocho..he's the buff dude.

This is mini-mom carting Manti around the house and him not being too into it. She sure is a great big sister and watches out for him. I am so thankful for her and all the help she gives us.