Tuesday, February 17, 2009


and new word of the week, UH-OH!

I could not take the comments from Geoff anymore and so I did it. As I was buzzing and cutting a good couple inches we falling into the sink. I guess it was a little long, but to mine and his defense it was long ALL over....NOT A MULLET! I don't care what you say G. As I looked over this new boy of mine I quickly notice how much bigger his enormous cheeks are and the biggest of all this kid's head! 92Th percentile- NO KIDDING.

I think Jackson is trying to do daddy's " who has two thumbs and like to party? This guy! This guy right here!"

I am sorry! I will admit Jackson has been subjected to a lot of show tunes.

"We get our squenchy faces from our daddy".

Manti is trying to smile.

Now he's hogging the limelight.

Perfect Jackson face.

There are my silly guys.

This is a purse I got yesterday and it was love at first sight...." Oh, aah..that is really bold, should I do it, heck yes! I'm do'in it!" was about how it went. This thing can pack anything! You name it! It's Mary Poppins meets Madagascar.

Yes it is metallic and purely wipe able...gotta have.. as a mom on the go.

Oh, how I love the bolting and the funky zippers..let me count the ways. ha,ha


Sarah Young said...

Your boys are so handsome and Manti is looking so much older!

Kerry said...

I am book marking this post as my official "happy time" link. Whenever I am feeling blue I am gonna bust it out and feel better.

I love me some chubby swangerling cheeks!

and the purse... swooon, too much is never enough. surely a luxurious find. muy bueno.