Sunday, February 15, 2009

Been A Busy Week

Happy Valentine's Day from my Geoff. I am a lucky girl!!

I walked outside and found a box on the front porch and I thought to myself..."huh, I wonder what this could be? ha,ha" Geoff picked red this time and 3 dozen! I am a special girl to receive such a gift. I have to admit sometimes I have told him not to buy me flowers and then I hear all the stories of others I know who never get anything from their spouses. It makes me really grateful he does it and he does it because he cares and not for the glory.

I am glad it is Sunday even though I had to teach Relief Society. I am relieved Vday is come and gone. Geoff and I snuck some family time and took the kids to lunch yesterday at Red Robin and used the kids meal cards from the Franson's Dental office they earned,( thank you!!). I had to work the headwait shift last night and wound up working just shy of 12 FULL hours and had 39 tables( about 8 hours serving). To say the least my brain was fried by the end of the night and I was a very tired girl. I am thankful for my job though and I was glad to do it. Overall I had a good night and all my tables were pretty happy so that made my night.

I had a lot to do the last couple weeks and found myself lost if I caught a free day without any appointments. I did have a special old friend Anna who came into town and I was able to catch a glimpse of her and her new hubby Stuart and cutie baby Cameron. Anna and I were appart of the foursome that used to hang out all the time when we were grow'in up. We have all gone through a lot together. I am so happy to say that we all still keep in touch and are still friends. It really bites that we all live in totally different places though( Anna being in Mass.), but it is fun to see how different each of our lives are turning out to be. When we get together it is still like old times. Miss Ya Sarah and Desire'e!!!! We thought of you.

We are Madagascar fans so we were excited when the 2nd one came out. Jackson has illistrated a picture for you.


Kerry said...

Sarah, you are one lucky woman... 3 dozen roses from a Hottie like Geoff. GGgrrrrowl!

Tricia said...

Sarah, sounds like you had a hard working Valentines! At least Geoff was so awesome with all those rose!!

foreverfamily said...

I love Jax pic! I've never seen him draw 'cause miss E always busy with the art stuff.

Jessica said...

Your roses are beautiful! Geoff is an awesome guy! I really enjoyed your lesson on Sunday. Thanks!

Sarah Young said...

I wish I could have been there with you and Annie! One of these days we need to get the four of us together again! Maybe we can all go visit Desiree in Hawaii! :)