Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tiger's 1st Beach Trip!

We went to Seaside yesterday for the day and had soo much fun!!
This was Manti's first time going to the coast, but I didn't realize that until we left the beach.

I am starting to understand myself much more lately. I am learning that with everything going on emotionally and physically it is so easy for me to become detached from the world. For people who have never had this problem it is not easy to explain..the best way possible for me is to say it is most like "numbness", without feeling. I feel like someone is showing me a movie of my life and I am sitting there saying " THAT IS NOT ME AND THOSE ARE NOT MY KIDS OR HUSBAND"!

I need to start being!

I need to start loving myself and getting out and doing- getting involved! There are so many beautiful sights that Heavenly Father created for me and I hardly ever see them and worst of all because of it my kids don't either. I let my emotions control my life and in return my children's.

When I was little my mother took us everywhere! We grew up going to the beach, the falls and the lakes constantly even when my dad never went. For that I am so grateful that she had the determination to go and do what brought her happiness. I too have a husband who doesn't like water and it is really hard for me. I have so many happy memories of having fun in the sun and discovering myself and things I loved. It is sad to say, but I have deprived myself of soo many joys as I have gotten older because I didn't want to be by myself. NOT ANY MORE! I have to tell myself that money CANNOT buy memories! Yes, money does matter, but when it comes down to it it is only earthly. I have made a promise to myself to DO! To show my children the mother that they really have. I love my children with ALL MY HEART! I have to remember in the stillness that we chose eachother and most of all Heavenly Father granted me these amazing souls to raise and love and help discover who they really are too!

He was so cute.

The sand was hot and he really didn't know what to think.

Momma please!!? pick me up..

It took just a couple minutes for him to like it.

Jackson plowed right threw.

I said Jackson" You are frollicking" He asked what that meant and I told him..he got mad and said.."I don't frollick!".

It took a team of experts to apply sunscreen to this fish.

He is too adorable for his own good.

Sun in your eyes Eve?

collecting shells..mostly dead carcasses from crabs

toasty warm...NOT!

We lost that little yellow bucket castle. boohoo

Yah, I tried to explain that no on really swims in the ocean around here. She didn't really get it. lol

This one cracks me up. SHOW EM YOUR MUSCLES!! AYE!

That Geoff! He was taking picture while I was changing. HE WOULD! And then he says he's gonna put them on u-tube.

Eve said she is Queen of the Crabs- I don't know if I would want that title. YIKES!

silly boys

We hope she doesn't continue with this pose. ha,ha

Jackson won the award for the sandiest.

Hmm.. maybe I will eat some??

I am not throwing anything!

Yah, this doesn't taste very good!


Qween of the Crabs sitting on her throne.

They got me.

I don't know where Eve is?

There she is!



Inside the town

It's a perfect hat for such a face.

Lamb Chop has been raised from the dead!

Eve and I beat Mim and Jacks so hard.

just waiting...

Hmm Tiltawirl is fun. This was Jackson's first time. He loves spinning stuff so I figured he'd be fine and he loved it!

Eve decided not to go on it because she got scared last this is the face she made when she saw Jackson come with me. HA,HA,HA

C'MON lets go already!


That was our lovely beach trip and I am going to be on the beach ALL day next time.

This was last weekend at the Hawaiian Festival.

Cousin Loa (from the island) Mim and Manti.

Eve went to her art class that she started up again. She is such a wonderful artist and is so talented.

Girl time.

It is soo hot!

Just playing around the house.

I like string.

I am addicted!

This was my Dad's 73rd birthday!