Sunday, July 5, 2009

Father's Day and Last day of school

Eve's very last day of 1st grade..boohoo!!

Note she wore the same shirt on the last day. lol

I am so sad that Eve's teacher will not be hers next year. I thought she was a wonderful teacher and knew how to be patient and not let the kid's get away with stuff either.

Mrs. Deklyne has 2 turtles in her class and the kids had so much fun with them.

Eve was invited to be a model for Hula Mula Spring 2010 catalog. We where so excited and she got her hair all curled for the event.

My rampage. lol


This is the.."I'm gonna have to eat your tummy face!"


He wants more.

Where did Tiger go??

I don't know what happened!

Tiger is practicing his pouncing moves. You can't survive in the wild without them.

Jackson is the king of funny faces.

This was Father's Day.

My project by the swing set finally finished.

This is a skirt I made and used it in Utah for one of the photo shoots and it came out awesome.

This is a chair we had that I redid.

Remember the table I bought and showed you? Well here it is now!! All primed, painted and reupholstered, I love it sooo much.

We borrowed some petty coat skirts from a friend and experimented for another photo shoot around Eve's birthday.

I made this dress with the help from a friend. I am going to use this one later on.

These are pillows I made.


Tricia said...

Sarah, I am so impressed with your projects! I love the chairs, table, back yard etc. You inspire me!
When I see the last days of Mrs. Deklyen's class it makes me sad that Robert missed it. We were in Utah. I should have had you pick up Robert's book for him.

foreverfamily said...

Everything and everyone looks GREAT! I was glad to see Eve smiling in some pics.

Sarah Young said...

Dang girl, you've been crafty! Looks great!

The Poe Family said...

You are so talented Sarah!!! You can come decorate my house anytime. Your kids are so cute, Eve is gorgeous, love the skirt and dress you made!!!