Friday, November 23, 2007

Where's Manti?

I am so excited to say that this is our very first time to blog! I was always worried that it would be too much of a process to mess with and I scrapbook and that is much more time consuming so I thought why not try?. Any way we are just awaiting the arrival of our new son Manti Jameson and we are getting a little impatient. I have ten days left, but you never know. Manti is due December 3rd, the day after our 7th anniversary. How fun it will be, just in time for the Christmas Season for our little expanding family to have a tiny little baby. These are of course some pictures of this Halloween. The kids had a blast! Eve went to the pumpkin patch for the very first time with her kindergarten class. I was a chaperon for the first time as well and it felt weird to sit back and all I could think was "am I really this old?" Eve was quite the witch and Jackson loved his leopard costume and insisted on wearing the leopard head, it was cute. I decided to catch up on all my scrap booking before Manti is born and looking at all these great memories makes me so thankful for all the many blessing that my Heavenly Father has gifted Geoff and I. There are so many times where I feel partially undeserving of such blessings, but that is when it really sinks in, how much we are so loved and so important. I love being a Mom and yes, sometimes it is really hard, but my life would be purely meaningless without my beautiful family.I have learned that it is more important to look at the big picture in life. I will admit I have been feeling the pressure to be done with having children, but I realized that I do not want to be that person who looks back and thinks why did I think that these other things were more important? I am so happy that God heard our prayers and we were able to get pregnant. There are so many people who cannot have children and I really feel for them and I think how fortunate we are. We are all so happy to have this precious little soul soon and to see how different and special he is. We will let you all know when the big day comes!