Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Blue Luxx

I am having a hair accessories/ jewelry open house this Friday the 27th and Saturday the 28th from 11:30-2:00 both days. There is something for all ages and from all different prices, but everything is wholesale and much, much less than you would pay for in any retail. Most of my items are silver and gold and are high quality. If you are interested please come and tell anyone who you think would be interested. Location is 8712 NE 35TH AVE.

I have listed items on my fun creative blog @

Also email me if you have any questions BLUE LUXX by SAS @

Thanks, SAS

Sunday, August 1, 2010

I am just letting you know I am still here.... well somewhat.

Life is a transition I don't ever think I will get used to. I feel like I am several people packed into this body with all different kinds of emotions, thoughts and personalities and my brain is trying to juggle them all. I am tired... oh so tired!!!

I don't know what I want to do with my life and I am growing tired of the one I am living and I am only 30 years old.. this is quite sad. I am worn out and I need direction. I love my family and without them I would be lost entirely. I have a wonderful husband that seems to love me to no end and can't picture his future without me. I have 3 wonderfully unique and crazy kids that I adore. I will say that G and I do make some dang good look'n kids. he,he,he

I am unsettled and I do not like it, no I do not like it one bit!!! I am a planner and an avid organizer for those that don't know me too much. I like things color coordinated, put in specific places, organized by item....I like allows me to breath fully. My body cannot physically handle stress anymore and I get horribly sick to the point of pretty much non functioning. I am just venting here people- I haven't done it in a while and it feels good. I am learning I am not the only person in this world that feels these certain things.