Sunday, June 22, 2008


I can't believe this year is already over!!! I am going to have a first grader, it's nuts! Eve got her diploma on Wednesday the 18Th and they had a little shin-dig for all of us parents so that was nice to be involved and it makes them know that they are special and rewarded for working so hard all year. I am so proud of my little girl, it brings tears to my eyes, she is growing so fast and I feel like I can't catch up sometimes. I have seen her from almost a preemie size of only 5 lbs 9 Oz literally in doll clothes to this tall, 50 lb big girl and I think to myself it is all just a blur, where did my little Evie Weave go? I am so glad that I keep up on my scrap booking because I forget so much and it is so fun for me and her to look back on her life and see the different stages that she has gone through. I am so lucky to be her Mother.
Eve and her friend Melody from down the street, there are 5 girls and 1 boy in her kindergarten class from our block alone.
Eve's kindergarten class.
This is her last time at her desk.
Last hug with Eve's teacher Miss Baker.

Like Father like "sons", as everyone tells me, I must be in there somewhere.
Mim got these awesome outfits for them a little while ago and they finally got to wear them. There is a lady about our age in our ward who launched her own clothing line a couple years ago and it took off, stars such as Gwen Steffani buy them for their kids, its called Knuckleheads. She also started a new line for girls this Spring which is similar, but a little girly called Hula Moola.
I love this picture of Eve and Tiger it is adorable, I especially like Evie's expression. It is funny because we went to Geoff's family's pasta night a couple Fridays ago and they had a neighbor over and he couldn't remember Eve's name, but he remembers her because he thinks she looks like Cameron Diaz so that is what he calls her to his wife and at first I didn't see it at all, but now I do a little, I think it's the Scandinavian in her.
Don't you just want to eat them? It reminds me of one of our favorite lines from Madagascar, talking to about King Julian, "What did I tell you about the feet?" and the little lemur looks up with his big eyes and giggles.
"Just jokin the bear", as Jacks would say.
Eve started to call Manti "Tiger Biter" and so that adds to the list of nicknames for him. He got these cute tiger glasses at the zoo shop, but he just wanted to eat them of course.
Eve, Jackson and Juniper in the jungle jeep in the Africa section of the zoo, they had loads of fun.
Stroller buddies.
Manti took Eve's bear hat and it was so cute.
It was Shelle's birthday and she chose to go to the zoo with everyone.
The giraffes were Jackson's favorite.
My future astronomer.
LOOK AT THAT BIG OL MOOLEY! Thanks Auntie Shelle that picture happened to be the best and it wasn't because of your rear.
Tiger gets Daddy kisses.
Auntie Jessie, Juni, Manti and I were all playing in the pool. Manti didn't like it as much as I though he would, but it wasn't really that hot out side by that time.
Jackson was jumping in the pool for the first time, that crazy monkey!
Mim got Tiger a mini tiger from the Zoo on the way out, it is so soft and cuddly, he loves it.
Here is cousin Juni about to take Manti's pacifier.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Manti's eating cheerios

There's my baby boy, going on 7 months already, boy! Where does the time go? Manti holds such a special place in all of our hearts, he is truly a gift from God. He makes us all laugh even when Eve and Jackson are fighting (which is a lot!) and he is always so happy and smiley. People always stop me and tell me how wonderful he is and how special it makes them feel to see him smile and laugh at them, I often feel bad though, because he is already like that and people think that babies aren't like that, I guess. Well I am glad to say mine is and Heavenly Father knew he was perfect for our little family.
Would you like a cheerio?
Isn't he precious?
The last couple weeks Manti has been getting really strong and gets up almost on all fours, but for right now he looks like a baboon.
After being splashed many a time I decided that it was high time to get out the bath sitter and try it out, he slouched a little, but it worked. Manti loves this little boat we have in the bath toys and of course everything in the mouth- no teeth yet, the longest yet and it's kind of nice though.
As you can see Eve's two bottom front adult teeth are finally all in and about to pass her others. She will probably end up looking like Sandy from Sponge Bob Squarepants.
This one doesn't need any words.
Manti just wanted to say "Hi!!!" in his manly high pitched voice.