Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Manti's eating cheerios

There's my baby boy, going on 7 months already, boy! Where does the time go? Manti holds such a special place in all of our hearts, he is truly a gift from God. He makes us all laugh even when Eve and Jackson are fighting (which is a lot!) and he is always so happy and smiley. People always stop me and tell me how wonderful he is and how special it makes them feel to see him smile and laugh at them, I often feel bad though, because he is already like that and people think that babies aren't like that, I guess. Well I am glad to say mine is and Heavenly Father knew he was perfect for our little family.
Would you like a cheerio?
Isn't he precious?
The last couple weeks Manti has been getting really strong and gets up almost on all fours, but for right now he looks like a baboon.
After being splashed many a time I decided that it was high time to get out the bath sitter and try it out, he slouched a little, but it worked. Manti loves this little boat we have in the bath toys and of course everything in the mouth- no teeth yet, the longest yet and it's kind of nice though.
As you can see Eve's two bottom front adult teeth are finally all in and about to pass her others. She will probably end up looking like Sandy from Sponge Bob Squarepants.
This one doesn't need any words.
Manti just wanted to say "Hi!!!" in his manly high pitched voice.


Sarah Young said...

I just want to squeeze those cheeks! So cute! Maryn keeps asking when she is going to get her grown-up teeth! Eve looks so curte all toothless! It's weird once those baby teeth start coming out, it's like it's official, they're totally growing up!

Anonymous said...

I know! I have finally accepted that I am pretty much done with the baby faze and at first I was sad, but then I thought about how exciting it is to be starting a new chapter in our lives with Eve. I get to look forward to Baptism day and so many other grown up things, she is not little anymore and I am learning that I need to cherish our relationship more before she is gone because I know I will look back and think it went by with a blink of an eye. I think about that movie "Click" now and then and how realistic it is and you can't ever get the moments back.

eric and girls said...

Sarah it's so good to have you back blogging. Your kids are so cute. It's crazy and akward for the kids when all those teeth fall out and the new ones come in. I agree with Sarah that it's their official sign of growing up. *tear*