Sunday, November 8, 2009

October 09

This is miss Emily Jayne Manti's cousin...they are bestest friends and she was able to come stay with us for 2 weeks. We had so much fun and she loves to call him TI TI (sounded tie) it is sooo cute and now thats what the kids call him too.

Emily is only 10 weeks younger that Tiger so I know that they have a special bond.

We were able to get in a quick pumpkin patch trip from the one off the freeway and it was surprisingly better than I thought it would be.

The kids got their wagons and was off to find that special pumpkin.

Eve looks like a scarecrow in this picture.

Jackson was a little bummed because I told him he already got his earlier when his preschool went to Bizi Farms and that it wouldn't be fair if I said he could get a second one and not Eve or Manti.

There are lots of pictures of my sister Amber and her daughter Emily so be prepared for many pictures because these are for family members too.

I love this one!!!

Of course there always has to be one silly one and it's usually Jackson so I am really confused:)

He wanted to do it all by was so adorable. I can't believe that my baby is going to be 2 at the end of the month, it really does make me sad.

There is my crazy girl in the corn maze.

She cracks me up.

This was Jackson's Halloween party for his preschool. Jackson as you can see was Darth Vader this year and he got the breathing down too.

This is my fave! The little ghosts where such a good idea.

I invited my sister to come because I thought Emily would have a good time, but she really only enjoyed the sucker.

This is a little girl in Jack's preschool and she had the most beautiful costume on. Her family is from our church and in our ward and her grandmother made this was amazing!
I want one!

On the night before Halloween we all got together for a sister's night at my house. It was so nice to have the whole weekend off and enjoy the company.

These are my wonderful sisters..
back row: Linsy, Kaylene (sister in law), Amy, Debbie
front row:Lisa, me, Tania, Amber

Well since my sisters Amber and Linsy came into town my other sister Amy came in for the weekend from Pullman area and stayed at my house. Yes there where a lot of people in my house, but it was fun. Amy brought her 3 daughters as well.

Eve and Emma

I thought it would be really fun to dress up this year and be pary fairies for some odd reason. I don't even remember why or how I got the idea? It is funny because my sister Linsy had a dream about the party before she even knew about it and called me up after and asked if we where planning on doing anything on Halloween and if so dressing up? I thought it was so crazy because I had been meaning to ask them about it and just kept forgetting. Well we all decided to be our own fairy and yet be alike at the same time. I ended up going for more of a punk/gothic feel with the black for a change and more adult too. Linsy was a purple more gothic fairy, Amber was more of a dark Tinkerbell fairy and as for me..I am a mix of everything. I had this idea and then ended up expanding on it while we where making the costumes. Mine was a Grecian-Flapper style, it was different, but hey I am different!

I should've gone with the black shoes..oh well. By the way we made these costumes from scratch..we made the patterns and cut and sewed and cut again for hours. lol

This one is my favorite.

This one is really cute.

Here we are setting off for trick or treating and I caught a bat...he,he. I loved this costume when Jackson wore in and I still love adorable.

Linsy headed back to open the door for the trick or treaters at my house.

Our neighbors house was a little too scary for the kids. (Jackson mainly)

Eve was a dead Charpe' from high school musical. I don't know how to spell her name.

This is Jackson scared.

Manti wanted to walk by himself and hold the bucket all on his own and he did not like Eve telling him other wise.

He was mad that I cought a to get to that candy, candy, candy.

Emily loves bones...bones...bones....

They where so cute holding hands.

Eve got "eveattude" and started throwing a gets annoying.

We all just hung out after we went around the neighborhood and ate snacks.

We had a family night the next night and played some games at my brother's house.

My brother Brandon and his wife Kaylene.

Emma and Eve