Tuesday, January 29, 2008

So Long Holidays, Man I'm Getting Old!!!

We woke up to our first winter wonderland this winter on Monday, so we soaked it up by heading for the bedrooms and layered all we could on and ran out the door. This was quite early for me, but I am so glad we went out when we did because by the time we were done the sun was coming out and everything was starting to melt.
I bundled Jackson all up and he totally reminded me of the little brother from A Christmas Story, I couldn't help but laugh.

Pretty Evie loves the snow.
A bunch of kids gathered at the field down the street from us and were making snow forts for snow ball fights and snow men. Eve and Jackson were having so much fun.
Jackson make sure that snow is not yellow!
Eve and I made this killer snow man.
Manti is not so quite so skinny anymore, FINALLY! He has the cutest tummy, no rolls yet though.
This is what happens when Eve gets the camera, this picture is actually kind of cool because of the reflective table clothe, any bids?.
Just hangin out on the sofa.
BEWARE! You have been subjected to the "Crazy Eyes", as Eve calls them. When he first came and we were getting to know him and Eve would always ask "Mom why does he do those crazy eyes?" Another funny story we heard was from Geoff's sister Shelle, when Manti was born he was only 3 days early, but he still had a really thick layer of the vernix (white stuff) all over him and Eve came into see him and looked at him and asked Shelle " Why's he gots scales?" So apparently I gave birth to a dragon.
Bath pictures are my favorite he has this alligator towel that is adorable. It would have been a cuter picture but as you can tell he just had spit up, he reminds me of Eve a lot when it comes to that area, Jackson never did.
I'm always catching Eve stealing kisses from Manti.
My blue boy. It's funny because he still has this natural Mohawk.
This was flippen hilarious! We rocked out on ROCK BAND on New Years Eve and Geoff's parents even played- Shelle too, mind you this was about 1:00 A.M. 1:30 ish. I think Geoff's Mom got kicked off twice, she did better than I could have done by far. The only thing that I will do is sing and that is even pretty had most of the time. We played earlier with Geoff's sister, Jesse's family for quite a while-picture down below. Her husband Ben did a really good job, Snaps to you Ben!!!

I think he was trying to talk in this one.
I absolutely had to buy this sweatshirt for him, if you look closely it says "Little MAN on Campus". Manti has already built up quite a number of nicknames so far- he does have to keep up with his older brother. Jackson's favorite nickname for himself is "baggy buddy" from the Jungle Book and Manti's is "man cub".
I love this picture, how cute are my kids! They are so happy to have a baby brother.
There's my smiling JACK! I caught him in a good moment, he is quite the crazy kid nowadays.
Manti is getting so big, he doesn't really look like a newborn anymore.