Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas Time Is Here

On Christmas we had dinner at Mim and Bump's house and had a themed basket Christmas party in which we all drew names and picked the one we want that is still available. This year kind of bit because I got sick and totally lost my voice for 4 days so all I could do was sit there and observe.
For Christmas we spent the night at Geoff's parent's house eating and watching movies, it was fun. We all had to sleep out in the family room so we wouldn't see Santa. How old are we? I feel like I am married to a ten year old when it comes to Christmas time.
I love love love this picture, it is awesome! Jackson has been asking for the fighting robots for Christmas, but I didn't understand what it was that he was asking for until a few days before and when I thought I knew I asked him if he meant the game with the blue guy and the red one and he said Yea!
Eve was all tuckered out after opening here stocking, because Geoff's family does it at 2:00 in the morning.
Poor Jackson! Geoff is such a kid he opened Jackson's stocking while he was asleep and took this picture.
This was Christmas Eve night and it is tradition to go over to Geoff's Grandma Ginny's house for dinner and open gifts. Geoff's sister Jessica and he husband Ben came into town from Virginia with their little one Juni. She is so cute, she looks like Eve a lot when she was a baby- you can tell they are all cousins.
Eve got this beautiful robe, it is so pretty with all it's brightly colored hearts and of course it had to be pink!!! She had been pointing out that she needed a robe when we would go to the stores, she was very happy to get it. I think this is the most excited that I have ever seen her about getting clothes, maybe there's hope yet!
Jackson got this big red dinosaur that he has been asking for ever time the commercial comes on, but it was hilarious because he is scared of it.

Isn't he sweet?
December 23rd- We blessed Manti and we had a packed church. It was funny because another family was blessing their baby and they only took up two small side isles and our family took up 2 long isles and also were separated in different areas. We really needed 3-4 long isles because we were packed like sardines, kids on laps and all. Geoff looked over at me during the meeting and told me how neat it was to see so many of our family there who loves us and supports us, we feel very fortunate to have such a family( on both sides) as we do. I wanted to say how proud I was of Geoff for giving such a beautiful blessing that we all could understand(ha,ha,ha) and it was long too!
Here's the crazy clan. There's no turning back now Manti!!! Our kids are the biggest hams and it is so hard to keep a straight face sometimes when they are disobedient. Eve especially is so funny, coming up with the weirdest stuff and Jackson is the king of goofy faces whether he trying to or not. It kills me when he gets angry and his face gets all scrunched, we tease him that his face will stay like that if he doesn't stop- it is not a pretty picture! Maybe later I will make a Google page on all the many faces of Jackson.

OK! I had to do it. These are the bag ladies, Mim and Shelle. Congratulations Shelle! You are now official! This picture cracks me up because families tend to do this sort of stuff all time intentionally and unintentionally- you know matchy matchy!. My sister Amber and I tend to do this a lot with out even knowing it and we live in different states. For instance; we also have the same patterned purse, same new strollers we got for our new babies and I learned last night new bouncer too! It all just means we have great style and great minds think alike.
Here are the BOYS! It is so weird to say that.
I love these hooded towels, they are so soft and cuddly. This particular yellow one makes him look even more yellow though, but it's a cute picture.
Manti was not too happy with me. Look at those skinny legs! He is our longer skinny baby, he grew an inch and a half his first two weeks and went down to 7 lbs 2 ounces.
He's all boy! Sorry, naked pictures are so adorable. It is so easy to forget how Small and delicate they are when they first come.
This is Manti's first bath at home! How cute is he?

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Manti is 1 week old!

Oh, my! It has been quite a week! This was Friday,marking his first week. The first day home was pretty tough and I often felt like "What did I get myself into?" But after that every day got better and better and I am so thankful for him. I realized how easy it is to forget certain stages in our lives which can be good and bad. Eve is quite the Mommy and Jackson is such a good big brother( for being 3 years old anyway). Jackson keeps telling me how much he loves his family, it is the most special thing. I am so grateful for my family, my beautiful children and for my husband who I know loves me. Geoff and I just celebrated our 7th anniversary and it makes me smile when I look back to when we first started dating. Geoff took me to the prom, how many people can say that? I honestly felt love and genuine goodness in him from the moment he put his arms around me that Spring day at the Temple after singles ward. I actually have a picture that my friend Dez shot of us at that very moment, it brings back a lot of memories. I felt something I had never felt before and that is what kept me going no matter what stuggles we went through. I love, love my husband, he is my best friend, my soul mate. He has never judged me even when I judge myself. I feel entirely blessed. My Dad told me something one time that really made a profound impact on me when I was a teenager. He said " I might have never been the wealthiest person or had enough money, but when I think of my family I feel like the richest person in the world".

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Here is Manti! It was a very long labor, but he is worth it. Manti is so cute, he looks like his brother and his sister. We love him so much and we are so glad he is with us just in time for Christmas.