Tuesday, October 28, 2008


On Tuesday the 21st we had a little Halloween party with some of our friends, it was loads of fun.

Tiger and I had so much fun getting all ready for our special little party.
Jackson was all Jack o lanterned out.
See my teeth?
I just wanted to make a shout out to all the WHOS who in WHO VILLE.
As Jackson would sing (Dancing queen, du, du, du,)
AAHHRRRGGG!!!! Manti (matie)
This was a poweriffic costume!
Eve had so much fun playing with her friend Stella, they were so cute together, even color coordinated.
Lastly we had a wonderful story time given by my friend Emy, she is amazing! The kids were quite entranced.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


This is the picture of day, he is just the cutest of all.

Sundays are almost always bath days and so I rounded up the kids and headed down the hall. I had Manti in my arms and he had been getting cranky so it was even funnier to see the change of attitude, but as soon as he saw the bathroom he started kicking his legs harder than I've ever seen before. He was jumping and flapping uncontrollably and I had to sit down to take off his sleeper and he was jolting forward with all his might to get in that tub. His face lit up like kid in a candy store. As soon as I put him in that tub he was off and playing to his hearts content. I couldn't help but keep on laughing even though it was really frustrating trying to undress him with all the excitement. I learned that I know have 3 fish out of water, just like I was when I was a kid, but still I don't remember the others being like that.
After I put him in the tub he gunned it straight for the water, of course, and it was so cute. He kept dunking his head under the running water and noticing he couldn't breath so he got out quickly and kinda got this scared look that turned right into excitement and would do the whole process over and over again.
He loves those nozzles, I really do need to get one of those covers with the big duck that's a firefighter of pirate or something, their adorable.
Manti just went for a check up and made 63rd percentile for height, that's the tallest ever. GO MANTI! Thank goodness for the Crocker gene.
Love ya hunny!
This is one crazy kid! I thought I was going to pull my hair out today. Jackson is really testing the limits lately and it's really hard for me especially because he was so sweet for so long and about 6 months ago he became really defiant. I guess he got the terrible 4s instead of the 2s. LUCKY ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Eve's Birthday

Eve turned 7 on September 26Th and we decided to have a park birthday party, it was perfect. We had it after school from 4:00 - 5:30 and some kids had soccer games so they stayed for more like an hour. We had just enough time to play cut the cake and play some more and do presents and a little more playing. And the weather was so fine, not too hot or cold. It was a very enjoyable day.
Anna, Amanda, Eve, Liz and Piper.
I wasn't sure what exactly I should do for party favors and I didn't know how many girls were coming. So I tried to think of age appropriate stuff for them and it was a hit! I got a bunch of stickers, big suckers, huge costume rings of all colors, and whistles with pink sparkly string to tie them around their necks. It was perfect for the park with wide open spaces were they could whistle away and run to the hearts content.
Jackson met a little boy that happened to be there that Mim knew. He was having so much fun on the playground with him. It was nice because Jackson is usually by himself or trying to play with Eve's friends and it makes him sad and that makes me feel bad too.
This is my cutie patootie. Manti was such a good boy at the party, he was so entranced with all the kids moving around everywhere.

It's really hard to believe he is now 10 months old, Oh boy! His birthday is around the corner. I think we are doing something different with his first birthday, maybe some kind of smorgasbord of foods from all the places of our family heritage instead of the luau that is normally done. We'll see, it would have to be Swedish, German, French (we are still clarifying that one) English, Norwegian, Samoan of course and Danish. It would be so fun.

Piper and Eve and Stella in the back.
This is Amanda, Stella, Eve and Emma.
Eve chose a Littlest Pet Shop birthday cake, it was very adorable. She is dead set on blue these days, which is fine with me because it has always been my favorite color. The cake was yummy chocolate with raspberry filling.
Eve had such a blast. She got these webkinz things that I guess are all the rage. She ended up getting some more pet shop stuff which is what she really wanted too.

At nigh we had a low key family party with our friends the Dooleys and the Grandparents. We had pizza and left over birthday cake and frosted brownies with sprinkles. What kid doesn't love sprinkles? Over all it was quite a good birthday, not too stressful.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

I can't believe it myself, but my little, o.k. not so little anymore Jackson, he turned 4 years old on September 14th. It seems like just yesterday I had him, or maybe not yesterday, but definitly not 4 years ago, it is so sad it has gone by so fast. Since it was birthday month Mim took Eve and Jackson to the store to pick out what kind of cake they wanted for their birthdays and Jackson chose Indiana Jones. The cake was very good, however the frosting he chose left us all looking like smurfs.
The one thing he kept on asking for on his birthday was snow cones.
What's with that face?
Jackson just loved having his cousins over. Jackson wouldn't stop playing games with Devon.
Voted "most affordable toy ever!" Manti loved that box, we had it out for a few days.
It is really hard as parents to disipline and keep a straight face with this little boy right here, he does the funniest things and you can't help, but crack up. He had just woken up on for some reason came out on the stairs like this.
Eve at the bus stop on the first day of 1st grade.
This was a perfect sunny fall morning for starting the new year off. Eve was quite cute with her blues, greens and browns. She is on a "not" liking pink so much kick, what's up with that?

I discovered that we needed a van again and I sucummed! so here is our new, but used van which we love because of all the comodities it has.
Here we are on the very first day of all day school, YEA! As you can see mornings are definitly not my cup of tea.
Manti is all smiles even through the teething process, well, most of the time, He has his bottom front starting at 8 months and now he just got his fang a couple weeks ago.
He is so adorable!