Tuesday, October 28, 2008


On Tuesday the 21st we had a little Halloween party with some of our friends, it was loads of fun.

Tiger and I had so much fun getting all ready for our special little party.
Jackson was all Jack o lanterned out.
See my teeth?
I just wanted to make a shout out to all the WHOS who in WHO VILLE.
As Jackson would sing (Dancing queen, du, du, du,)
AAHHRRRGGG!!!! Manti (matie)
This was a poweriffic costume!
Eve had so much fun playing with her friend Stella, they were so cute together, even color coordinated.
Lastly we had a wonderful story time given by my friend Emy, she is amazing! The kids were quite entranced.

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Sarah Young said...

Is that you with the red hair?! You make a great red-head! Very daring, ooh-la-la! Love all the pics of your cute kids too!