Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Here's to you Babe!

5 Things He Loves:
1. Me, of course! That's how this whole thing got started.
2. Kids, I thought he wouldn't like them because he doesn't really hold other peoples kids and then we had our own; with him it's the more the better. Oh Boy!
3.Movies, all kinds accept Pride and Prejudice, what's up with that? But he likes Emma.
4.Music, he tells people at work that some of the music on his i pod was for me when I hadn't even heard of them yet.
5.The Gospel, he has a silent appeal but I know underneath that he's a rock. I think it is amazing that he tells me he always new it was true for some people it is not that easy.

5 Things On His To Do List:
1. His laundry, he does it himself.
2.Work out, pretty much daily. Gotta work off those Krispy Kremes.
3.Take Eve to the bus in the morning after work. I am so glad I married a morning person.
4.Play some of his new games. He thinks he's a rock star.
5.Take me out for our anniversary, I'm craving Cheesecake Factory.

5 Foods He Enjoys:
1Steaks, it's a good thing I work at a steak house.
2.Burgers with garlic fries, yummm.
3. Seafood, sorry honey! Your on your own.
4.Cheesecake, particularly Cheesecake Factory's white chocolate chip macadamia nut.
5. Pumpkin pie, thank goodness for Costco and their cans of whipped cream.

5 Things You May Not Know About Him:
1.He likes chick flicks
2.He's a crier. He knows what I mean.
3.He's very affectionate. We do have 3 kids, hubba, hubba.
4. He won't end a conversation with me with out an I love you.
5.Is naturally a whiz with numbers. It is a gift math boy; hopefully one of our kids gets that gene.

5 Places He's Lived:
1 Vancouver, WA
2. Salem, OR
3.Seattle, WA
4. California ( at a Marine base)
5. Provo, UT

Quarky Things About Him:
1. He doesn't like the water, and yes, he is Polynesian; how do you explain that?
2. He likes corvettes, mustangs are better! He's trained Eve to know them and like them and I'm working on Jackson.
3. He can eat a whole cheesecake or pumpkin pie on his own.
4. He does awesome imitation voices that make me laugh and sometimes creep me out, Mr. old man from the Family Guy. NO! I do not want any pop sickles.
5. He won't get dressed for Sunday until we all have coordinating outfits. It is so bad that we have had multiple people at church ask us about it and then they have said they think about our rule when they get ready for church. "It's not bad aye, I like it" as King Julian says.

5 People to tag:
Anyone who reads this, it's quite fun.


Sarah Young said...

The coordinating outfits thing cracks me up! I kind of do it subconciously. If Brynna is wearing like a denim skirt and button-down shirt and Maryn is in velvet and patent leather then I feel like it we need to get redressed! Justin thinks it so retarded! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for saying HI! I didn't know you had a blog! i am sure your hair looks darling!