Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Here she is!...YES that is my little girl. I sit and ponder about my little miracle, all babies are miracles. I remember how thankful I was that Heavenly Father sent me this angel....she was mine..NO she is OURS...it still really hits me. Do I really even know what an eternal family is?
She is a strong soul and she is so forgiving, wise beyond her years. I was amazed at her answers when she was interviewed by the bishop. I thought...I have not taught her enough, this is all her. She knew what she was doing and it made me happy that it was her choice, not because she felt like it was expected of her. EVE was baptized October 10th.

Geoff's dad gave the talk on baptism and auntie Jessie gave a talk on the Holy Spirit. I felt the Spirit so strong that it choked me up..their talks where perfect.

It is so special for me to look at this picture...I will always have mine in my head of when I was baptized and it looks so much like this one.

I love this picture because this is the way I want Eve to see me..with a smile. I had a big girl talk with her the other night and explained some heavy stuff to her. I felt that she deserved to know what has been going on with us lately..me mainly. I tossed it around in my head..is she too little? too young? The thought kept coming back that I really needed to sit down and have a heart to heart. I want her to know that I am so imperfect..that we all have struggles, we all get sad and some of us get really sad. I hope that though this she can learn that she can trust me and come to me with any difficulty that she faces. I promised myself that I would be open and honest with my kids...to just be real. Now the time has come to do just that.

Yah, she came home with the black eye from school and we don't know how she got it...lol

Our bishop and his wife.

Yummm coookkieeess

Geoff's sister Jessie and her family

After the baptism we went to Farmer's Market in downtown Vancouver.

Favorite auntie Shelle and EVE

At dinner time our friends came back over and we ate and played some games.

Oh! We had ice cream sundaes too...soooo good.

Monday, October 5, 2009


I just thought of this..so cute! During conference Manti gets the wipes on the floor and I could hear the bag so I of course barked at him.."What are you doing!!!?" I look over and see him with those sweet big brown eyes and he looks at me like "mommy what's wrong?" The bag wasn't opened to my surprise and then I surveyed what he was doing. I looked down in my frustration and saw "Lucky" our St. Patricks March bear from Build a Bear and realized what he was up to...Manti was holding a diaper and trying to arrange it in a way that he could open it to put in under Lucky's bum. I then felt like a HORRIBLE mother and was sad for a few seconds and then I asked myself "what are you going to do?" I picked up the diaper and helped Tiger open it and put it on Lucky..he looked up with such a gleam in his eye and smiled a gigantic smile with an adorable laugh. It was simple thing, a simple moment, but it was wonderful and it taught me so much! Through my troubles and frustrations/stress.... it is robbing me of my small and precious moments! My little boy is growing up and I will NEVER be able to turn back the clock.