Monday, October 5, 2009


I just thought of cute! During conference Manti gets the wipes on the floor and I could hear the bag so I of course barked at him.."What are you doing!!!?" I look over and see him with those sweet big brown eyes and he looks at me like "mommy what's wrong?" The bag wasn't opened to my surprise and then I surveyed what he was doing. I looked down in my frustration and saw "Lucky" our St. Patricks March bear from Build a Bear and realized what he was up to...Manti was holding a diaper and trying to arrange it in a way that he could open it to put in under Lucky's bum. I then felt like a HORRIBLE mother and was sad for a few seconds and then I asked myself "what are you going to do?" I picked up the diaper and helped Tiger open it and put it on Lucky..he looked up with such a gleam in his eye and smiled a gigantic smile with an adorable laugh. It was simple thing, a simple moment, but it was wonderful and it taught me so much! Through my troubles and frustrations/stress.... it is robbing me of my small and precious moments! My little boy is growing up and I will NEVER be able to turn back the clock.

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