Thursday, October 2, 2008

I can't believe it myself, but my little, o.k. not so little anymore Jackson, he turned 4 years old on September 14th. It seems like just yesterday I had him, or maybe not yesterday, but definitly not 4 years ago, it is so sad it has gone by so fast. Since it was birthday month Mim took Eve and Jackson to the store to pick out what kind of cake they wanted for their birthdays and Jackson chose Indiana Jones. The cake was very good, however the frosting he chose left us all looking like smurfs.
The one thing he kept on asking for on his birthday was snow cones.
What's with that face?
Jackson just loved having his cousins over. Jackson wouldn't stop playing games with Devon.
Voted "most affordable toy ever!" Manti loved that box, we had it out for a few days.
It is really hard as parents to disipline and keep a straight face with this little boy right here, he does the funniest things and you can't help, but crack up. He had just woken up on for some reason came out on the stairs like this.
Eve at the bus stop on the first day of 1st grade.
This was a perfect sunny fall morning for starting the new year off. Eve was quite cute with her blues, greens and browns. She is on a "not" liking pink so much kick, what's up with that?

I discovered that we needed a van again and I sucummed! so here is our new, but used van which we love because of all the comodities it has.
Here we are on the very first day of all day school, YEA! As you can see mornings are definitly not my cup of tea.
Manti is all smiles even through the teething process, well, most of the time, He has his bottom front starting at 8 months and now he just got his fang a couple weeks ago.
He is so adorable!


Erin Dooley said...

Love the pictures. Your kids are growing up tooooo fast! They are pretty cute though. We were happy we were able to make it to the birthday parties. We love you guys!

Sarah Young said...

Man I can't believe Jackson is four already! I remember meeting you at the mall right after you had him in downtown Portland. Where did the time go? I loved all the pics!