Friday, June 26, 2009

Vacation's Party Starting Right....

Hello there!
I have to start by saying that I already miss you all. It feels like it has been a while since I have seen a lot of you.

I have been quite a busy girl and trying to get stuff done and get better in a lot of ways.

I have to start by saying I love UNDERSTANDING!~ How great it is to finally get stuff and what a comforting feeling comes with it. I am forcing myself to de-stress and manage time and energy factoring in my limitations and it has been working. WAHOO!

It has been a constant roller coaster ride and leaving me freaking out wondering when my turn was up or at least when I could get off of this one and get on a new one. lol

Everything has been really good the past week except for I got nasty sick a couple days ago with this whole nauseous vertigo eye problem. But after G gave me a blessing and a couple hours of more r and r I was much better.

My husband is so sweet and loving. I was in the tub and could not even bear to get out with out falling over and he carried me out and brought me to the bed. (note that yes I was naked, but it was not the situation in which he would be fantasizing about.) After a few moments, I felt like that did it alone and I had to gather my strength to run to the bathroom while he was still in the room. Oh well! What happens, happens and you get over it. After all he has seen me have our 3 children. Instead of going away he came over to me while I was puking my guts out and rubbed my back and was so concerned for me. I felt so bad because I had to go back in bed and lay straight on my back and not pay attention to the kids. G had gotten home from work and had to watch them more than usual. I just said how sorry I was that I got sick and how bad I felt that he couldn't sleep because the kids where freaking out. (oh yeah, Manti had a fever for a couple days and has been screaming everyday and only wanting me to hold him too. So this of course did not help~!) He said don't feel bad, but I did. He does so much for me and picks up so much of my slack with the kids lately because I have not been able to handle it all.

I feel like I have been in a room with a bunch of people and me sitting in a corning feeling inept to get up and assert myself, so it's nice to start to get past it.

I have many pictures to come that I did not have time to put on here so they will be coming...

It was really nice to have a short shift on Yesterday and say SEE YA! IN 11 DAYS! We shipped out early at 9:00 P.M. and arrived in Utah around 10:00 after a couple stops. I am so happy to be here and see my wonderful sister Amber and her family, but I am a little sad to be here without my Geoff. I couldn't stop thinking about how much I love him and how much I will miss him in 10 days. I know that I will be busy having fun though and that is just what the doctor ordered!

I already was able to see an old friend at dinner time after her shift at work. (Brianne I am sorry again about Manti being a handful, he is not himself lately.) And I am also going to spend the day with my first best friend ever tomorrow and meet her little boy for the first time. I was friends with her when before I was Eve's age and that right there blows my mind...that you can have relationships that last that long and are still connected.

I look forward to seeing everyone later and hope you all are doing well and are safe!

P. S. - Eve is extremely distraught over the passing of Michael Jackson and will only listen to his greatest hits albumn. She also only wants to watch the news for more info...who's kid is this???? lol


Jennifer said...

So sorry to hear of the terrible nauseau etc... thank goodness for wonderful husbands!! Have a great trip in Utah.

The Poe Family said...

Have a great trip, it sounds like something you need! You deserve a break! Sorry you were so sick, it sounds like something I had a few years ago- it was pretty bad, I was pregnant and it ended up putting me in the hospital, crazy! I am glad you are doing better though. Have fun and relax!!!!