Monday, June 1, 2009

May Days

These are my new running shoes that I found for about 60% off after their discount and my coupon at Sport's Authority(they were originally $135.00 so I scored!) I am quite excited because I outran my old shoes and I started to roll in them and about twisted my ankle a couple times. These are Asics and I never have used them before so I was ready to try something new and that curved with my feet for my stability. So far they are great for running and Turbo Jam and all that stuff.

We had a mother daughter activity with my friend Marissa and her daughter Madison. We made jewelry and beautiful flower pens.

I found exactly what we have been looking for! A solid wood dinning table with a leaf and 4 chairs! I was so happy to find this jewel at Goodwill of all places for a steal of a deal. I am in the process of sanding them right now so that I can paint them black to keep up with the kids. And the chair pads are already reupholstered in a fabric that is in a picture down below.

Even the chairs are really sturdy and have this great molding detail that is so pretty.

This is my dining room table right now full of projects to be finished with more enhancements to come. All I see are feathers and more feathers! lol (hint, hint!)

This is the lace for my lace cape for my Cinderella dress.

I found these scrap fabrics at Fabric Depot and I thought they would make a beautiful skirt for Eve and it would be perfect for the "BIG PROJECT".

More props!

This is gorgeous two toned taffeta fabric for the "SPECIAL DRESS" I am making Eve- which goes along with the project. lol

Anything AQUA is Eve's favorite color in the whole word and it goes so well with her beautiful blue eyes.

Props.... hhhmmm, buttons, feathers, feather pads, and yes white birds. I am pulling out the stops!.

I found these pillows for only $5.00 at walmart which was way cheaper than buying pillow forms for my much needed new pillows in the other room. The fabric on the pillow is what I used to reupulster the chairs with. It looks FABULOUS! if I don't say so myself. he,he,he I also bought the other fabric for either a bench to go with it or for future bar chairs or maybe even a bench style bar chair would be awesome.

I can't take too many pictures of this cuteness.

He is irresistable.

Sorry I kind of went backwards with these pictures. On the holiday we had a BBQ on Sunday with mine and Geoff's family. Mim's birthday was the next day and his grandma's was that Tuesday so we party hartyd!

Eve and Mim went to Pary City and bought some fun supplies, all LADYBUG stuff.

Granny asked for some candy from Jackson and he said no to her, it was histerical! We were all laughing so hard because he was dead serious and she asked him about 3 times and wouldn't give in. It was hard not to laugh so much.

Eve is reaping her rewards.

Jackson needed quite a bit of help as you can see.

I had to tell Geoff how to NOT USE YOUR CHILDREN when trying to break a pinata.

Playing some wicked ball!

This was Eve's talent show and she was so cute. No one was dancing and so she took controll and started and then the other two girls follwed. They danced to Hannah Montana's new song.

All prepared in her Hannah shirt in what else?, but Aqua! lol

It has been a month! A crazy one, but it had a lot of good points, but I am ready to move on to June with bigger and better things to come. There is Father's Day coming and school lets out right before that and then we are going up to see our friends Jared and Erin. They live in Tacoma and they are having their baby blessed on Father's Day. I am soooo excited to see them since they moved and we have to grab the chance to go when we can. Finally on the 26 we will arrive in Utah!!! I can't wait to see my sister Amber, I love her sooooo much! It kills to have my best friend so far away. I am so thankful that she is a phone call away when I need her and I know she is always there for me and understands me more than anyone else I know. Well we will have more pictures later! See ya!


Anonymous said...

eve was the only girl that knew the dance, Trent said she should have done it alone, since she was the best. She is darling!

eric and girls said...

It looks like it has been a crazy month! My best friend is my sister who also lives in Utah it sucks they are so far away. Have a fun time on your trips!

Swangerlings said...

Yeah, Eve rocked it!!Thanks! I'll have a blast.

Erin Dooley said...

Looks like you've been crazy busy! Can't wait to see you guys soon. This has been my best recovery to date so that's been nice. The kids are all adorable!!!

The Poe Family said...

I love your pics on your blog- you have some talent!

Erin Dooley said...

By the way...nice find on the table. It will look so good when you're done with it!!! And awesome deal on the shoes!!!