Thursday, September 3, 2009

Home Goods quiz

Sarah , you are a Glamorous Eclectic

You have wide-ranging interests and influences and so appreciate a mix of whatever you deem fantastic. You would be bored to tears using a matching suite of furniture or could never stand a home that seemed cookie-cutter. You fearlessly embrace luxury, beauty and fun. Velvet, silver, graphic patterns, even wallpaper; you understand the old-Hollywood, movie star sense of theatrical extravagance. You do not understand the minimalist idea of less is more. For you, more is more, so long as it is chic and exciting.

You value creativity. You are stylish and fun loving, and can be an inspiration to others. You have a natural sense of drama, and you know you have to be willing to take risks—whether with colors, finishes, furniture choices, or ideas—for your home to stand out. Your home can be happy and lively and the place all of your friends want to be.

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foreverfamily said...

I'm bohemian casual. 'you appreciate different styles, cultures, and objects. Your home is cozy, creative and visually intriguing. This gives your home a laid back feeling. You value order. You understand that when your house is in order, your minds feels clearer. Rather than a lot of meaninless objects you are happy with a few well placed things. Your home is a respite from busy life.