Thursday, September 10, 2009

I am blessed

I have done something brave, something I have never done before...I MADE THE CALL!
As soon as I asked about the mental health services I started breaking down. I didn't think it would be that hard, but now that I look back I was only making excuses..oh, I was too busy...I had to go to work...the kids had appointments. I know that this is going to be the toughest thing that I am going to have to face. I need your prayers, your love- I am turning myself inside out.

When I was connected to the mental health Kaiser the lady that was evaluating me was amazing, she was wonderful. I know that this was only a phone visit to see what services I needed and what doctor would be more helpful for me personally..overall it was just nice to have someone in that field confirm that I have post traumatic stress disorder and that I need help right away. She was amazed that I have never had help before. I told her my main issues and she thought I was very observant and I said I am blessed to have friends and a couple sisters who have gone through PTS or work with people who do. I am so thankful for all of you who have been there for me because I could've NEVER made that call. I only appear to be a strong person, but this...this is too big for me!!! I am also blessed because I felt like LDS services would not be the best way to go and that's OK...I feel confirmation from that. We have full coverage and it is only $20.00 for personal and $10.00 for group sessions. I hope to work up to group sessions eventually, but it is not something that I feel I can't do anytime soon.

Anyway I know some of you have been asking if I have made the call or not so I wanted to let you know that I have taken that giant step for MYSELF.


foreverfamily said...

The Lord has blessed us with many resources and I'm glad that you've the one for you. Keep trusting in yourself and confiding in those you trust. I can't wait to visit and hear all about it!

The Poe Family said...

Good for you Sarah, that's a big step! I am proud of you! You say you aren't strong, but you are-it takes a lot to admit that you need help! Keep it up!!!

Jessica said...

I'm so proud of you! I'm here for you if you need anything!

Swangerlings said...

Thanks a lot you guys! I have been crying a lot off and on today and I know that it will probably be like this for a while. I am also blessed because my two closest sisters and Jessie (my sister in law) are coming next month for a while and staying with me and the inlaws. I know that everything works out for a purpose and they are huge part of my support system.

Light & Shadow said...

Oh Sarah! I am so proud of you! I know how difficult it is to make that first call. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Therapy won't be easy and if you need someone to talk to, I'll be there for you. I started this difficult journey 14 years ago, and I know there will be days where you won't be able to stop crying. You are a very brave woman!