Wednesday, April 1, 2009

March Madness!

"SPRING CLEANING" is a term that some use..
-my kids have obviously opted to have never have heard it before.

I tried to explain why this ritual is so important, but all they are wondering is why the heck am I going through all this effort if we're NOT having a party???!!! AWE, they make me laugh! I in return ask.."Do want a nice mom? If so, this needs to get done!!"

Every year I feel the pressure and it will not simply go away. I have a whole list full of things that need to get done and so this is what are Spring Break is all about this year.

I have a picture of yesterday's task of organizing and cleaning our family room. We have these gorgeous mahogany bookcases that I LOVE! They are however a pain in the rear to clean. They have 4 glass shelves at the top so you can see all the dust and when you put on the lights that are up above the top shelf it is a hundred times worse! It's like my stress level shoots when ever this happens..."oh, I really need to clean that!" I think to myself.

I decided to take all of Geoff's MANY, MANY games and gear out of the "HALLOWED" bookcases and bring down a cabinet that has been in the bonus room to store it all. I found this cabinet at a place in down town Portland for a fraction of the cost of the SAME ONE at Restoration Hardware. For those of you who have never heard of this place it is WONDERFUL!! I am such a sucker for ANY KIND OF DECOR STORE!! I am not kidding by any means on this one, it's like a candy store for me. I just sit there and imagine what I would do if I had the means to buy what I wanted, oh! it would be so fantabulous!! "Maybe someday" I tell myself.

Notice the white cabinet..

After the task and feeling a little stress flying off my shoulders; it's a nice feeling!

This was a couple weeks ago after church when we came home we saw the big camera sitting there and decided to have a little camera shoot.

This picture cracks me up...he,he,he...
Those are definitely his "bedroom eyes", shoot! ya, that's right! I gave them to him!! lol

It's a cheesy smile, "but that's what makes me so great!" ha,ha (a line from WICKED)

Jackson BOND

OK, my hair looks really red in this one. I can't get my hair done for a little while so it has to do.

This one's for the boys!
I had to do an 80's pose.

I thought this would be funny.

Then Eve says "Mom, take a picture" and does the same pose. She is such a ham.

I don't have any idea on this one??? Maybe it's a 1st grade thing?!

What's with the tongue?

I had to get the camera for this one. We were doing some things around the house and I couldn't find Manti and this is how I ended up finding him.

As you see these pictures you need to see the "3 Little Maids" song~ it is too perfect for words!

This was on the day of the ice cream party.

He has the cutest smile.

Again with the tongue, what's up with my kids?

I am too a sucker for these rootbeer eyes. Just like his daddy's.

Geoff got Pinocchio for his birthday on blue ray, of course.

I like this one.


We had some people over to celebrate and share in the goodness.

Geoff and his friends Will and Rob.


Sarah said...

SO CUTE SARAH! I love your decor. and I really need to get some shelves for my living room and paint.. badly. Messes stress me out too im a much happier mommy when its tidy ;-)

Jessica said...

Looks good! Wanna come over and do mine? ;)

Sarah Young said...

I think the tongues are cute! My Brynnie does the same thing! And you were cracking me up with your poses!

Light & Shadow said...

These are fabulous photos! I am in love of that profile photo of you! Whoa, baby!

Swangerlings said...

Shoot! I am

manders said...

Way cute pics especially the one of you after church you look gorgeous as well as your hair. What is this that you can't get your hair done for a while? Are you trying to say something???? Also your kids are so darling and pose perfectly.
luv ya

M-GemBlaisdell said...

What an adorable post! You guys are way too cute!!