Friday, April 24, 2009

Lot's a Picts.

Hello there! It has been quite a while since I last blogged. Our INTERNET has been shutting off quite a bit because of some little boy that shall remain nameless..ha,ha.
I have nicknamed him"little poo head"!

Other than that we have had a busy month so far. Geoff has been getting some overtime on the weekends and I am still working my 4 shifts a week and it seems like I have been there a lot lately too. Overall we are healthy and doing well and are thankful for our blessings.

I have been working out more and that has been a challenge. I was doing really good up until Easter. It really bites to see how much of a difference a week or two can do. lol

Oh yeah! I finally finished the whole Twilight series and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. I kinda wish I wouldn't have gone through them so fast. I guess I shall move on to new books. I am glad that I opened my self up to the reading world and have learned that there are entertaining books out there that are better than watching some movies.

Well, here are a bunch of pictures from Easter and misc. events from the month.

We found these feather clips that are spectacular and the craft store. I loved the black one and Eve wanted the white so it worked out perfectly. We are getting to that stage where we are going to have to borrow each other's things.

I love this picture, maybe I am the only's just different.
Eve and Jackson went on a car ride with grandma and grandpa so I took Tiger out on the wonderful sunny day and took the camera.

Manti loves to go outside. He cries and stomps his foot by the front door when we don't let him go outside. He definitely has that fiery temper that comes out quite a bit lately.

He looks like a little man in this one. So cute!!

Ya, he didn't like this one so much.

I like the shadows in this.

I was trying to get him to touch the tulips and not rip them off.

I am so glad that I planted these tulips, they are gorgeous and amazing. I staggered them all around in all different colors, so they will hopefully multiply.

This was Easter. I went to church with the kids and Geoff stayed home to sleep so we could see both our families. We didn't really make a big deal out of baskets this year and talked more about the religious aspect, I felt it was more important to teach that to our children. However they scored at Mim and Bumps. he,he

The Easter egg hunt was only for the 3 kids, gee that was hard.

Playing with auntie Shelle while Mim was hiding the eggs.

We got these huge cookies in our baskets. They have the kids' names on them. Eve's is blue and pink and Jackson's is blue and green and Manti's is orange of course!

BUNNY EARS!-how appropriate for Easter.

I hope auntie Jesse doesn't get mad, but this is a picture off of the web came on Easter. This is our new cousin who is from Korea, I think he is about 9 months old? Jessie and Ben just had come back from there to pick him up. I am so happy to have him come to our family. He is simply adorable and I can't wait until our family sees him in person.

Jackson and his sweets.

This was so funny. It was a project Eve had to do for school. It's hard to see, but it shows all the different countries we come from. I love that Eve only owned up to Swedish, Jackson likes pink so that's his outfit. (he loves all colors, he just will own up to the fact that he likes pink!)
my hair is blond (not for a while) and Geoff's goatee is too perfect! lol and you can't miss the poof ball on the top of his head.

He's a silly guy.

Boys were out BBQ'in.

This picture is so great.

Love that smile!!!

Manti has been doing this thing when he laughs really hard, you know...knee slappers! ha,ha

They always have to play on my exercise ball and it drives me nuts.

Geoff snapped a picture at me and so I gave him a cheesy smile. He loves it!


Kerry said...

nice to have you posting again. It has been awhile and AJ and I were missing you.

great photography by the way!

Light & Shadow said...

I love all of your photos! Those images of Manti on his bike are fabulous! You are very gifted with that camera, Sarah!

Sarah Young said...

Love all your pictures!

foreverfamily said...

we miss you guys! Manti pics are great. The webcam pic is ok for now. Thanks for not posting his name (hahaha)

Erin Dooley said...

You're getting really good with your camera! We can't wait to see you guys too!!!!!! So...when are you due???;) Hopefully I don't cause to many problems with that question;) ...and if I should be sooner than later anyhow(that's my opinion anyways). Love you Guys!

Tricia said...

Hey Sarah, I loved your pics of Manti. You really are really good! Plus, you are due????

Swangerlings said...

I am just learning this myself..ha,ha,ha. No I am not as far as I know.