Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Can I Stop?

I have to admit that I have started reading the Twilight Series and I cannot put them down!

I know a lot of people love them or hate them. But as soon as I saw the movie I noticed a lot of stuff that in was comparison with our beliefs. After this point I went to work and was talking about it to someone who loves the series and she said that the author was LDS.

I am probably the ONLY person who didn't know this.. ha,ha.

It all made sense to me; whether she meant to or not I saw a lot of comparisons, or symbolization. I thought about it and decided to read the the first book to see how I liked it.

I was surprised when I opened it and she had quoted the scripture about the Tree of Life, that was exactly what I told Geoff it reminded me of when I made him watch the movie with me a 2nd time.

I borrowed the book from a neighbor who has all the series and I thought...
"What the heck! It's not going to cost me anything!"

I finished it in about 4 days of reading off and on, that's with working at night too! lol

I got the New Moon from her on Monday before my shift and at about 10:oo in the evening I sat down to see what it held for me. It is now Wed. after non and I have read almost 2/3rds of the book...ha,ha,ha.

This is really funny because I don't think I have ever done this or wondered so much about a book before. I know it is kinda geared more for teens, but I must be young at heart and extremely immature.


Mama Nash said...

I love the books too.... I read all 4 last week for second time. They are good!

Kerry said...

Aaron has all the "music" that she says inspired her and also the ones that she says are the soundtracks to her books. You should ask him for them. My sister is a twilight maniac.

Jill said...

I refused to read them forever, and my MIL told me I had to! So I did and I finished them all in about 2 1/2 weeks! Seriously addicting! I want to read them again, but I either need to borrow again or break down and go buy them!