Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter!

I felt very compelled to express my joy and thankfulness to my Savior this special Easter season.

In the everyday world Easter seems to be more about bunnies and candy. I honestly used to be that way and as the years have gone by I have learned to realize what Easter and the month of April truly means.

I am so grateful for the family in which I was raised in and the knowledge that I was given as the years have gone by.

I know that my Savior knows me and the true intent of my heart......

I wish to be good! I wish to be honest! I wish to be MORE LIKE HIM!!

I wake up daily to a picture that hangs above my wall in my room that shows Christ suffering for me with HIS Crown of Thorns. It humbles me to know that he went through this pain for me. How agonizingly painful it all must have been! And what brings me the most yearning to be close to him is because HE was all alone when HE took this upon himself. HE had been treated as if he had extremely sinned. I have sinned so much in my life, all too much! I know what it is like to have Heavenly Father's Spirit to cease within. It is worse than words can describe......But to have all humanity on HIS shoulders is unbearable!!!

I also think to myself...

What would it have been like to be there while HE was teaching?

While HE was being persecuted?

While be was being drug?

While HE was being nailed on that cross for ME and for YOU?

Would I have been strong enough to have declared my faith in HIM?

Would I have worshiped HIS feet and washed them with my tears?

Would I have laid out my life for HIM?


HE was perfect, is perfect and always will be perfect for ALL TIME!

He did this purely out of LOVE, ONLY LOVE COULD CONQUER THE WORLD.

I wish to bear my testimony that I know the truth, and I am eternally grateful for it. I am indited to my Savior. I know that HE knows I am worth it. And through that I gain confidence, strengthening my faith and furthering my intent to spread the HIS Gospel.

There is no such thing as a religion that works for you, there is only one truth and that is the Gospel of Christ. We are so fortunate that God allowed this Gospel to be restored to a 14 year old inadequate boy. WE ARE ALL INADEQUATE! And yet THEY love us so. How humbling is that?!

I am so thankful for the PROPHETS that we are able to be directed by and receive inspiration from. I think how perfect a time for us to have conference the week before Easter so that we may be better prepared for HIS Spirit to strive with us.

Again, I am grateful for my blessings and all that Christ has done for US.

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