Sunday, April 5, 2009

Inspired Direction

I feel very humbled and thankful this weekend for the many talks that were given this Spring Conference. I can honestly say that I have a testimony that they were divinely inspired for each and everyone of us. We could not have needed their words now more than ever!

I decided last conference that I would kind of jot down notes from the talks that were given so that I may receive more personal spiritual growth through their knowledge. This conference I made a point to keep it up and get out a spiral notebook instead of a tiny notepad which limited my writing space. I am SO glad I did and will return with another spiral next time.

It never ceases to amaze me the GOD IS GOOD! You cannot go through conference and not realize that yourself. Every single talk was perfect in it's own right. They all had a subject to talk on and somehow they all flowed together beautifully. We were all given spiritual food, rather a banquet to feast on. As I looked out on my table and saw all the wonderfully "prepared food", I noticed how individually beautiful all the dishes were and how I so wanted to partake of each dish. I feel well fed!

There are so many talks that struck me, but I wanted to share may favorites;
Robert D. Hales- Debt
I could not have asked for a more perfect talk! It was as if he was talking to me and knew exactly what I had been feeling and going through. Everything of which he talked on is was what I had been learning the past so odd months and finally came to a realize. Now this is all that could make sense in the end and so when he talked about the struggle of debt and the snares of the devil the Spirit confirmed that what I had learned was true! The key is to be aware and rise above our trials. I am comforted to know that my prayers are answered.

Allan F. Packer- Communicating with the Spirit &
Kevin W. Pearson- Faith in Jesus Christ
I have had to talk about this quite a bit the last couple times I have taught in Relief Society. In one lesson I testified of what this means to me, to have the Spirit with me constantly and said that it is an action, we must DO! To hear similar words brought me thankfulness to know that I am learning as thou would have me learn.

D. Todd Christofferson- Sacrifice=Blessings
Realizing what is most important, what is really priceless? We need to be happy come what may.

Henry B. Eyring- Affliction
This really touched me because I have had to humbly learn this lately. That doubt, sorrow, fear cannot co-exist with faith because one will take over the other; let's make it faith! In desperation we need to subject ourselves to the Lord and get on our hands and knees and plea.

M. Russel Ballard- Learn from our Past
Look to our elders for advice and respect them. I loved this quote and thought how true it is;
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it!"

Rafael E. Pino- Persevering
Immediately I choked up when he started talking about his sweet 3 year old daughter drowning in a flash of an eye. He spoke with true conviction of faith and sure knowledge of the plan of salvation for his family. ~
I thought about this horrible dream I had just a little while ago.
I had been preparing for a lesson and it was a dreadful topic. A lot of the lesson focused on the loss of children and I must have had this on my mind when asleep. I dreamt that on a vacation we lost our little Manti, we could not find him anywhere! I remember thinking it was in a blink that he was gone, an instant! We searched and searched fearing the worst. It was as if I could feel it in my heart that his little spirit was not with us anymore; it was anguishing!!! I had thoughts flash through my mind like a lightning bolt, WHY? WHY would Heavenly Father do this to me? TO HIM? He is just an Innocent baby! Time was flying by, but it was as if time was still for me, I could not for the life of me catch up to it and not matter what changed the fate of my poor Manti. I am his mother! I am was suppose to have looked out for him, it was my fault! As Eve, Jackson and I searched there was no avail and soon we learned that my suspicion was true. To make it worse it was because of a putrid and cruel act. As the police showed me a picture so that I may identify him I felt completely sick, violated, they had robbed my perfect child of a happy life and with those thoughts came a great enlightenment. All of this sudden..I REMEMBERED, I shoved those thoughts aside and recalled on all that I had been taught and had a true testimony of. An overwhelming sense of peace encircled me and brought me up. I KNEW THAT I WOULD SEE HIM AGAIN! HE WAS ALREADY SAVED BECAUSE HE WAS A CHILD!! God would NEVER forsake our children or us for that matter ( we learn to forsake ourselves). I am not saying that it wasn't still painful, but I remember feeling such hope and happiness. It was all so real and vivid in my mind thinking tomorrow I have to get up and learn how to face the day only to have Geoff wake me up and for me to realize what had all just happened was a horrible dream! I honestly thought I would never get to smell the scent of Manti again or experience his lovable hugs and see his contagious smile or hear his adorable laugh. I was still questioning what was real, had it really happened? and then I heard Manti laugh and in that instant reality settled in with a surge of thankfulness that ran throughout my soul! I will NEVER forget this experience in all my life, it was truly humbling to have a glimpse of what it must be like for those that have lost loved ones.

There are so many more talks that touched me and that I grew from, but I don't want to go on and on. I just wanted to express my gratefulness for such comforting words at such a trying time.

With Love- Sarah


M-GemBlaisdell said...

One of the most powerful conferences ever! I have never seen my husband cry during conference before (during the Prophet's talk, morning session).

I need your email!

Jill said...

I commented back to youon my blog, but here are the links I was telling you about This post is the best one. you can also visit a bunch of websites from my sidebar to do your won research!