Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Biggest Loser

Oh my Gosh! Last night's show of the Biggest Loser was the best ever!!! All I am is encouraged by this show. There were so many highlights that are still racing through my brain. I have to say out right that I am partial to the girls, but in all fairness they all have equally worked just as hard. I was amazed as Roger (the x-football player) said was such conviction and assuredly that he would lose 15 pounds this last week, with out trainers mind you. They all have lost a ridiculous amount of weight so far and they keep plugging along, it is totally inspiring to me. Mark has a little bit of a break down because he feels that there is nothing left to give and he is too stressed out. I do not blame him one bit, he has beat the odds and pushed himself beyond the max. He said something that I thought was so wise, it was something like this...."I show emotion now because I am trying to get over my past issues and discover this whole new me. It is not a weakness to cry, I cry all the time now, this person (as he points to a picture of his old self) never showed emotion and that is why he looked the way he did, I am not the same person at all." I of course cried. So it comes to the weigh ins and Roger goes first and pulls a "15"- the exact number he needed to be the biggest loser in biggest loser history. Then Mark goes up and pulls something like a "12" I seriously don't know how he did it, he really worked for it. Next is Ali, who is my favorite and as soon as she walks up you can tell how skinny she (and Kelly) is just from 1 week, she pulls an "11" AMAZING!!! She has already lost so much, so I was so fired up when I saw her numbers, it was like I was at a base ball game hollering, YEA! ALRIGHT!!! That puts her at 99 pounds lost, the most ever for a girl on the Biggest Loser. And then to top it off, the last to weigh was Kelly, who has done so much and finishes everything no matter how hard it is. She is told to stay above the yellow line she has to have lost 13 pound and I could not believe the scale... "13" is the magic number. I think it is so awesome to see the girls finally beating out the boys after weeks and weeks. I do think they all deserve to win, but my vote would be for Ali.


eric and girls said...

I wish I could hire a trainer to be my constant companion to be my inspiration and whip me into shape. I don't watch the show often but I did at the beginning and saw Ali. Then the other night I was trying to find something to watch and it was on and I can not believe how awesome she looks.

Sarah Young said...

I love that show! I'm starting to wonder if Ali and Mark have an ounce of fat left to lose! They are so tiny! I'm thinking, don't go anorexic people! But it is amazing how they have transformed their bodies and their lives! Can't wait for the finale tomorrow!