Friday, April 4, 2008


Eve has been bugging me to get a hair cut for some time now and I just didn't have the time or energy to mess with it. This goes to show you how impulsive I am and I guess a little impatient too, I was getting everyone ready for the day and I was sick of combing through that mane and she doesn't like to do it either! so, I decided then and there it is time! This week has been Spring Vacation so I thought I have some time, let's cut that hair and off it came. Eve wanted to it to be really short so I cut it short, but not that short and I thought it turned out pretty dang cute! Her hair has never been that short, even when she got to the scissors that one time, so it is fun to do something new and easy for summer time.


Seth & Courtney said...

Cute hair cut. Way to go Mom! Perfect timing too for summer. Was she excited about her new look? I just started cutting Merrick & Jack's hair again. For the longest time they would scream and cry when I tried to cut it so we had to go to a salon but finally I gave it another try, produced some sugary incentives and the rest is history. Don't look too cloesly though. I'm not as good as the paid hairdresser, but I won't give in to Seth's promptings to just shave them both!

Anonymous said...

nice to know she won't have hair to worry about on her p=ssy for a long time I like bald p=ssy the best