Friday, January 16, 2009



These shoes are quite spectacular. They have a special 1940's appeal with the diamond plaiding and all, also who does not like bows...really!

These are "HOT", it is just plain and simple. OOOOOHH..CALIENTE' "!!!
WATCH OUT! Sexy HOT MAMA on the loose! (good thing I love my husband to bits) lol

Very stylish I must say. Classic and yet still bold.

These shoes are "shabby chic", very 1940's as well, but with a more modest heel for the everyday working woman.

These are amazing!! I absolutely LOVE the gray color mixed with patent effect as well as fabric. I call them my Mary Poppins shoes and they are so fun!!!!

White is always a necessity and with the wood tone, making it visually stunning together. These shoes are also modest, but they have a flirtatious vibe to them which makes them alluring.

I know this is not a picture of shoes, but alas, I unfortunately have the most popular size shoe which limited my spending spree. I had another pair picked out that were black and white and extremely fantabulous, but "tear, sniff, sniff" I could not find my size, I was quite heart broken.
Oh, is done and gone and I must move on with my life and so it is. "tear, sniff, sniff"
I did however find this fancy, shmancy black satin coat that is "TO DIE FOR". Geoff approved.

Jackson likes it as well, and if he approves I approve!

It is quite lovely with a diagonal pleading down the lower backside that is flattering and I need all the help I can get with that one.
As ELOISE would say, " I love, love, love this coat"!

I hope you enjoyed my birthday as much as I did....he,he,he.


Jill said...

I want!! I wish I had a closet full of shoes...I love shoes, I just tend to wear some sneakers all the time! What a great birthday!

Tricia said...

A couple of years ago I had a birthday that was almost all shoes as well (actually all boots!) So, I am with you sister! Fun B-day!

M-GemBlaisdell said...

The Duffy song is going so perfectly with this bday post right now. You are so cute! Fabulous fashion finds. I think my daughter Emmy is going to grow up to be you. Not even two yet and she is already obsessed with shoes.

M-GemBlaisdell said...

Oh, and I forgot to say happy late birthday! Is your birthday on the 15th or 16th? My daughter Meg's is on the 15th and so is Allison Coiteux's. A lot of cool people were born around that day.