Sunday, January 4, 2009

Here Comes 2009!!


It has been very busy around here with the hustle and bustle of things; so to catch up this is what has been going on... Manti is now 13 1/2 months old. I just celebrated my 10th anniversary at Outback this month and was given a pin that is considered fine jewelry... with gold and precious jewels on it, which I will never wear. We had a major snow storm which most people heard about. Geoff has luckily been able to pick up some overtime at work, so we are thankful for that. Geoff got an early Christmas present..a new LCD BIG SCREEN TV, ours just "happened" to end up being defective, ha,ha- no it really was, that's the funny part. My sister Amber and her 10 month old Emily came for almost 2 weeks to spend Christmas with us because her husband usually gets to work a lot during the Holidays, anyway they decided to come home for the first time and not spend it alone. Unfortunately 2 days after she got here she got the stomach flew from other family and it spiraled out of control from there;) let's just say it wasn't pretty. I am however, thankful to a degree for getting sick because I didn't get the opportunity to put on that normal Holiday weight that seems to creep up. We are winding down listening to the Prophet and leaders of the church by trying to get out of debt; so we got rid of the Honda at the end of the December (hence the van) and I am happy to say that we are down to 2 cars, meaning.... 2 cars on insurance and only 1 car payment....YES!!!! I have a very strong feeling that this will be a good year and we will be growing a lot as a family and NO I am not pregnant ( Eve will be turning 8!!!). Eve is now graduated from Junior Primary at church and is now in sad and Jackson is in CTR 5- we are so sad that he is leaving the Johnsons. My kids need to stop growing!! There is much to look forward to this year and I am excited to get to it. I do have good news, in March we will be going to see WICKED the musical.. I am ecstatic!!!! We are prepping ourselves with the CD daily and learning all the words to the songs, Eve is already addicted and is trying to talk Geoff out of going. Good luck with that honey.

Emily and Manti. A couple of bath buddies.
Oh, Emily you crack me up!
Your sitting on my soap...
Fancy a soak in the tub?
Aunt Amber playing with Eve and Jackson in the snow. Hey! the deck works. Amber seeing sunlight after hurling her guts out for 2 days. YUCK!
It was a pretty small snowman, but they made one and that's all that counts.
Make sure that snow is white!!
I'm NOT coming out there! I was still sick.
This was so crazy insane.
I could not imagine doing this everyday. It took me an hour and a half to shovel off the snow on the drive way one night and then I had to do it the next night for 45 mins.
He likes to twirl, Geoff's not too happy about that.
We thought we had problems with Jackson's balance before....adding snow makes it a million times worse. Good thing most of it's soft.
I would not EVER normally subject others to see me without makeup, but I thought this wise to put up as a DO NOT DO for husbands....GEOFF!!! He really thought it was funny. Poor Manti couldn't even see after the flash. I was about to sock him. Geoff got us all up on Christmas morning, like a kid I tell you.
They were soooo excited; as you can tell. lol
With you're face all scrunched.
Here is cousin Emily. She is quite cute, but man! that kid can poop!! I swear I just changed you! lol What's that smell?
There is my CUTENESS. He is so lazy though, it really is developing into such a problem...not holding bottles, not wanting to drink from cups, choosing not to walk...Oh! he's walking...a step 1,2,3, and he sits down. YOU MANTI!!
So adorable and so cuddly. As if to say "hold me".
Getting ready to open presents on Christmas morning.
Everything is a pose with Jackson, I give up!
Like mother, like daughter. ha,ha. Typically she's a morning person, but not this morning.
Emily, Jackson, Manti and Eve.
I got a glimpse of what it would be like with four, but it was more like.... Amber got a glimpse of what it would like with four. YIKES! Going from one to four is a HUGE difference.
Stockings were done at an unusually later time than normal; THANK GOODNESS!
Books for Manti.He just had his birthday...what's the point? He's only one.
We have accumulated quite the Mr. Potato Head collection, so pirate set it was.We love pirates, Jack Sparrow is Geoff's second favorite boyfriend. he,he
Jackson decided that he was not so into Planet Heroes and he would expand his horizons to bigger, better and older things like HOT WHEELS.
When we sat down with our Christmas wish list Eve made it very clear that it was Littlest Pet Shop, that is the thing. I've liked them since they came out so I was way OK for that, actually I was happy cause they are small and soooo flipp'in cute. I WANT THEM ALL!! It was funny cause Amber said she liked them for herself as well. Eve got a bunch 2 years ago, but then only played with them a little, but now I am happy that she appreciates what she has. It's like she has a whole town placed around her area rug in her room.
We are BIG fans of Dr. Suess at this household. Heck! He changed Eve's life, he taught her how to read. ( It was so cute, I overheard Eve talking to Jackson one day and saying those exact words) Mind you, in a very dramatic tone.
This has become a tradition, chocolate bars from Santa. I think they were gone by the next day, I think I had a bite of one. My man likes the sweets.
Emily's first Christmas, she looked up like..can I open this and not get in trouble?
She was so excited to get her small Jansport backpackwith cute hearts on it; I couldn't resist..maybe that's why I keep having boys. he,he.
I know you don't have this, JEALOUS?????!!!!! ( it plays the song and everything) dum, da, da, dum, dum, dumm, dumm, da,da da , dumm, da da da.
More pets was the focus, there are just so many. They even have special edition and themed ones like..sporty, fancy, punky, etc. Hold me back!
Manti got a Polar Bear big book so he can learn all about the Arctic animals. He needs to know all of his species. lol...get it ...TIGER?
Such a manly pose. Geoff your only feeding it by buying all those musicals lately.
Manti had more fun with all the plastic junk from the toy containers.
Amber did good by getting Geoff a Garcia tie, his favorite and in TIGER colors too!! We think it's so funny that people didn't realize that that is what Manti's nickname is, we only decided it before birth, it just fit.
Amber got Manti a neat xylophone bath toy which he loved.
The theme for the Hot Wheels was SPOOKEY. He loves Scooby Doo so I had to get it, there was also a haunted pack. He also LOVES " mummies " and " skelly bones " too and I happend to find Matchbox stuff like that where the lights in the mummy's eyes light up and the mouth does too in the skeleton's mouth; anyway it was a BIG HIT!!
Another book we actually forgot from his birthday, It makes me tear up. It is called " On the Night You Were Born" and talks about how special and loved you are.

Overall it was a very good Christmas and eventful with all the crazy snow commotion going on. Most of all it was nice to spend time with my sister Amber and her baby, when we weren't sick that is.


foreverfamily said...

cousin j can't wait to play with all those new toys--and drive Jacks crazy!

Erin Dooley said...

Looks like a fun Christmas! We still need to get together with you guys!!!

Sarah Young said...

How fun! I'm sorry we weren't able to meet up while we were there. But it sounds like we were a bunch of sickies and so were you, so maybe it's better we didn't further share germs! Cute pics!

Mama Nash said...

I can't believe that snow we missed! We always get sick around christmas time...this was the first year we were all healthy, must have been the sun!

babyp-ssyluver said...

love to see pics of baby Emily with her legs up and spread like that but no diaper on, see the little bald p-ssy I will be fingering and licking very soon