Thursday, August 6, 2009

I Need Help!!

Where oh where could my creative space be...???

I am going nuts over here trying to figure out what to do about a space that would be mainly for ME. I have posted pictures of my dining room with the table full of stuff all over it before.

I always wanted a dining room, but now that we have been in the house for 6 years we notice that it really doesn't get used all that much. Even when we have family over they migrate in the family room and I am the one that usually goes in the dining room sometimes all by myself. I do have a full set in there with a beautiful lighted hutch. The set is all solid cherry wood and it pretty good condition other than a few slight scratches on some of the chairs. I will be honest saying that it is NOT what I ultimately wanted, but we got it from a friend of a friend who let us buy it and pay month to month. I reupholstered the chairs when we first got it to a navy swirly fabric. I am really getting tired of the fabric.

The problem lies within the two rooms being open to each other so it needs to flow. A year ago I painted a lot because we were going to move ( ya that obviously didn't work out) , so I neutralized the dining room and living room with the same wheat color that is in the entry. I am soooo glad I did that!! I love how it seems more open and calming.

So now I am wondering what to do and have an extreme case of the itches...the itch to CHANGE!
I redesigned most of the kitchen, nook and family room 1 1/2 years ago and I still LOVE it! I love the color, I discovered that I LOVE COLOR! I NEED COLOR! My mood changes dramatically with color and when I am having one of those days I need something to bring cheer to my life. MY LIVING ROOM AND DINING ROOM DO NOT DO IT FOR ME RIGHT NOW! If anything the colors depress me! They are dark read and chocolate brown...don't get me wrong I love me some dark chocolate, but when there are two extreme colors together with such depth balanced on Brazilian cherry laminate throughout- it is tooo much!


I am thinking so many things and my head is spinning trying to find this space for ME and figuring out how I want to change at least 2 rooms. I didn't mention that we have too much furniture so that is another issue is downsizing! ( I have already started to do that outside!)
I like simplicity, it makes me think better and clearer.

Here's the deal, these are my thoughts and I need your input. Also my sisters are coming in the end of October so I need to get this done before then. I also have "the big project" that I have started, but am having a harder time doing it because I don't have the space and that one I want to get done before they come too! It seems like I get nothing done nowadays and the summer is getting nearer to the end and I need to get going. I have to get motivated!

Here it is-

Where do I put a work/creative space for ME?

Dining room?

Pro-There is enough space for what I would need... a table, some kind of cabinet or shelving, getting rid of big furniture that I don't use that much except for doing projects on and it's never what I really wanted anyway, getting a new open hutch that I want in white which I LOVE! buying things that will go together better, the view is to my garden.

Con-Then I don't have a formal dining room, when people come over there is not as much extra eating space

Living room?

Pro- I have enough space, the computer is already in there, I have a lovely bay window view,I can reupholster the dining room chairs in a new fabric to coincide and keep the dining set, I can get rid of furniture, bring in color, I would be down stairs, the colors that I am thinking about would go with the entry of which is shares a wall

Con-For both spaces they do not have an enclosed space with a lock, when home teachers come we will have to go into the family room lol,

The Bonus Room- almost 300 sq ft.

Pro- locking door, space is upstairs where there is a big TV, I can do projects when up there with family

Con-Only so much space between having a full bed and day bed trundle, computer, treadmill etc. only so much space!!??different colors than what I was thinking and I might just change anyway ( I put in lavender because I though for sure I was having a girl with Manti..ha,ha)

As you can see I am an utter mess right now!

I already have a sort of mild aqua with wheat going on and so I am considering expanding on it a little with variations. I hate how I am at a store and I love something, but it is bright and so I don't get it..WHY THE HECK NOT? I loved it! So what if it's bright! If it is an accent it accentuates the room and if done correctly makes it look more completed. I am wondering about bringing in some SOFT orange, I LOVE that color! It is so soothing and wonderful. We love orange now that we have a TIGER, It is his signature color (from Steelmagnoias)

I have been embracing Geoff's heritage one step at a time and I love the poly style that you find when it is tasteful and elegant, the flowers- GORGEOUS!! I forgot that I made this beautiful poly patchwork quilt that I got out when we went to the beach last week.I t made me think..also I just put some hibiscus flowers in vinyl black on my entry wall and I want more. I just made a board with a hot pink surf board in vinyl for Eve with crystal hooks. The boy's room in all in deep mixed with bright colors in classic surfer poly style with a plane flair (South Pacific baby!).

PLEASE leave me your comments to help me decide what to do!


foreverfamily said...

We are having a similar dilemma w/finding a space for us to study/relax/be creative in our 1000sqfoot condo and 2 kids. My needs include somewhere I can leave stuff out and where I can be left alone. A door with a lock would be good. But the window garden view is good too. If you did the dining room you could always clean your stuff up for the 1 night you have dinner guests. I have been thinking about this cupboard for my sewing stuff:
But if you don't want to feel cluttered the bonus room would be good because you can shut the door and no one will see it and you wont walk through it all the time. You have people to sleep less than you do to eat. You may just sell the double bed and get an areo bed (we love it). Another space saver is a dining storage bench (ikea) you could quickly clear the table and put projects in the seat or just keep supplies it. with small space living everything has to be multi-purpose. I'll let you know any other ideas I come across.

Swangerlings said...

Thanks Jessie! I never even thought about a areo bed! We also could just borrow the one from your parents house when we need it if now one is using it or buy one if we find it on sale. The bed takes up soo much space!! It is nice and I wondered if maybe Eve would ever use it, but she doesn't even use her new one she got her 7th bday. You've got my head turning!! I really like the idea of the bonus room because it would feel like MY space or at least a portion of it. lol..I also was thinking about a track sliding divider for when we do have family using it.I could have my space not in the way and there would be plenty of space left over! Jessie I think you are a genius!

Mim and I went to IKEA the other day and I am amazed at what people can do with limited space. They had an apartment there with only about 150 sq ft more than the bonus room..that is nuts! A WHOLE APARTMENT!!!I though man this is how they lived in Joseph Smith's time. All the family and other families all huddled in together in these homes and I am here thinking I don't have enough room for my family. Let's just say I felt very humbled. I feel very fortunate to be so blessed by Heavenly Father.

I just feel like I need to better serve the space of which I have.
I found this great long sort of Plexiglas door and though this would be perfect for a table top. It was a hard plastic and frosted with silver on the edges. I could make some kind of a would frame and paint it black and they had these cool chairs on sail in bright turquoise that I loved!
All of which was on sale, the table top only $5.00! was $85.00. They had a ton so I though I will go home and think about it. I might go there tomorrow and pick it up! Hey I might disassemble the bed too!

As for the living/dining room I am so done with the red. Like I said it is too much for me now and I am going to go nuts looking at it anymore now that I go on the computer multiple times a day.

Kerry said...

Hi Sarah, it seems like we are all feeling the need to change a little bit. I have been "working" on my front room / entryway / hall since January. I can't seem to find what fits. (or as Lex says "what suits me") anyway, I don't know about what to specifically tell you, but my advice is to use what you love. If you love aqua and turquiose then you should paints those colors. If you love bright and feathery and sparkely then you should do that. Look at your clothes and that will tell you super easy what you like. I haven't ever paid much attention to what "style" I was decorating in. I have always just used a mishmash of stuff that I loved. I think you go with that, you'll end up very very happy with what you have.

as far as your space - try and evaluate if is someplace that you will want to "escape" too, or if it is someplace where you will want your family around you. That should help you decide where to put it.