Sunday, March 1, 2009

Wicked Week

This week will be WICKED awesome! I am so excited to say that this week is a big week and Geoff, Eve and I are all going to see WICKED the musical on Thursday. We have been waiting quite a while to see it and now it is finally here. We have been having rehearsals in the car...ha,ha. The funniest thing is when we are out in public and Eve and Jackson belt out lyrics from a one of the songs. Gosh, I love my kids! I am glad to instill in them the joys of musicals. he,he

Geoff's birthday is also coming up on the 9th and he keeps on talking about this sundae mountain from Ben & Jerry's called the Vermonster. I told him we'll see, but it is your bday so you decide- those crazy boys!

I will report back with pictures at the end of the week.


foreverfamily said...

We can't wait to hear all about it!

Kerry said...

He has even been telling Aaron about the vermonster! I really want to see photos of him eating it. Go Geoff!