Monday, March 9, 2009


Thursday was the day we saw WICKED the musical for the very first time and words can not describe how "wonderful" it was. I was tearing up as soon as Galinda (Glinda) started singing, she was amazing! The costumes were fantabulous and as soon as Elphaba came out it reached a new level- so thrilling. I sat back in awe- seeing this for my very eyes strengthened my faith in God. You may ask yourselves why? that's random! But as soon as I saw them I felt a sence of love that God has for each and everyone of us. He blesses us in so many ways- especially our talents!! How amazing a gift to be given and these people all knew it. In almost every quote from the actors commentaries they thanked God for all he has done for them. It was a truly awesome experience.

Just getting a quick picture before we left.

You have to notice my EMERALD GREEN shirt..ha,ha- well green anyway.

We are kooky; what can I say?!

On the way to pick up Mim and Shelle for the play.

Eve is showing you the necklace I made her for the musical. It is emerald green with an aqua potion bottle- her favorite color.

We went out to eat in downtown Portland at the Macoroni Grill. It was very yummy!

Mim and Geoff

Mim and Favorite Auntie Shelle

Unfortunitely after this point my camera battery died so Geoff had to use his i phone for pictures after this point.

Eve lasted half of the show which wasn't so bad, but I wish she could've seen more. I guess she was pretty irritated when she woke up the next day and realized what she missed. That's what happens when we take her to a show starting around her bedtime. lol

This was from the Sunday before just goofing off.

more craziness

Watch out for for 00 Jackson!


foreverfamily said...

Happy Birthday G!

Tricia said...

That is cool that the show made you think of God blessing us with talents. It is true! I am glad you had a great time:)

Mama Nash said...

that is so awesome that eve got to go!!! I should have gotten tickets and taken the girls...oh well, next time.

Joy Schmidt said...

SO jealous you got to see Wicked!!! I enjoyed your comments about God giving us talents, it is amazing how much we are loved :)