Thursday, December 4, 2008


Manti's birthday was on Sunday November 30th.

It was exactly a year ago this day that I was at the hospital FOREVER!!! I can honestly say he was worth all the pain and more. We love this little guy with all our hearts and it's as if he's always been with us ( I know he was in Heaven!) He is such a special soul and brings a smile to all who see him, what a blessing it has been to be his mother. I look forward to the future and savor the memories of the past.
Isn't he the cutest? Snips and snail and Tiger tails.
There's my little Tiger, GRRROOWWLLL!
Manti is already mack'n on Cali which is kind'a gross because they're practically cousins. And Jackson was previously banished from the twins because of past behaviors.

Note to Jared: You should know by now it's in the blood and you have supplied the boys with eye candy. Maybe its your fault for having so many girls, besides Erin thinks it's funny anyway.

I found the duck mold on a Internet search and I thought it was the cutest thing ever. It was so easy and too perfect for words. I am not saying I am a pro at all, but it was adorable anyway.
I was looking at the duckies at Oriental Trading Co. and there are all different styles and their was a jungle pack with a duck that was a tiger and I had to get it. The duck looks exactly like the cake which was my inspiration. I went to JoAnn Fabric & Craft store and found the Little Tiger iron on and onsie set so I would be prepared for the mess, I am so glad I did that.
Our family
Our friends
More family
More friends
This was clear proof that he is my son because he kept taking tiny bites one at a time as opposed to some other people we know ( Geoff, Jackson and sometimes Eve).
Everyones doing it.
COM'ON, get going!
I had to help him get into it.
By the end he had black and orange icing everywhere, in his hair too. It was quite a precious experience because I never let my other two do that and I thought what the heck!
Manti was so messy I had to wash him off in the bathroom, so here's my naked boy.
So many presents so little time.
It was cute to see the different expressions as the gifts kept coming, Oooh what's that? Oh, there's something else over here.
Manti got some pretty great clothes including Seahawks stuff, which is always wanted in our house( thank's to Jared, Erin, Eric and Kristie).
Jackson was more interested in the toys than Manti. I tried to tell him they were baby toys, but that didn't stop him.
Auntie Choo Choo loves to hold Manti.
My good friend Marissa, her husband Mike ( who knows Jared-it's a small world) and their two kids.
My sister in law Kaylene- she's WICKED awesome!
This is Ricardo and his wife Charise who came with their little girl Gigi. Geoff works with Ricardo at Frito and Charise happens to be a member of the church so it's always great to connect with her too.
Cute face autie Shelle! Thanks for letting us use your rec room.
This is Kristie, Eric and their two girls. Eric works with Geoff and Frito and he also went to school with me a long time ago.
Here is my "adopted brother" Jared and his adorable baby Cali- she's only 2 months younger than Manti.
Keira and Rianne loved the duckies, it was so funny to see them carting them around everywhere.
By the end of the party we were all pooped.


Erin Dooley said...

I love the pictures. Manti is just so cute anyway! We had so much fun at the party! Thanks for inviting us! Love ya:)

foreverfamily said...

Looks like Manti rocked the place! What a fun day and the cakes looked great! Next year he'll have to do the haka to "eye of the tiger". Happy day Manti! Way to go SAS!--and G a little bit too.

eric and girls said...

Happy Birthday Manti. It seems after the first birthday time FLIES by!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Manti, take your diaper off for me so I can see that sweet little bald p-ssy I am going to be licking very soon, I love pissy tasting p-ssy