Sunday, February 17, 2008

At church we had an activity where we were to share our talents or things we like to do and this was my contribution.-

Some of My Favorite Things!!!
I love to....

Decorating- I'm always asking myself what's the next project? and am I sick of this color yet?

Renovating- I guess this coincides with decorating, anyway I apparently inherited this gene from my gifted Father. At one time Geoff and I were in the middle of building our fence with the help of our family, especially my Dad and he told me to cut a board on the saw and it had to fit in a certain spot perfectly, so I looked at it for a split second and cut the board, Geoff looked at the board and said that is not going to fit! I handed the board over to my Dad and chuckled to myself (thinking who is he to judge? If you know my husband you know what I mean!) The board fit exactly and my Dad looked and Geoff and said That's my daughter! So long story shorter and many projects later, I have conquered mostly on my own; crown moulding, chair railing, laminate flooring, vinyl tiling, landscaping, etc.

Scrapbooking- It is a fun way for me to describe my personality as well as my children's with color and beautiful paper,yea, lots of paper. It is also a form of geneology, so that makes me feel better and I wish I would've had one of my very own so I made one for myself and one for Geoff as a present one year.

Quilting- Although I haven't made one in a while, I cannot even count how many I have made over the years that are sitting around the house as well as ones I have made for others. My signature style is skies the limit! if I like the fabric, whether it's corduroy, satin, cotton, flannel, etc., I make it work and somehow it always turns out beautifully.

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